Sunday, October 25, 2020

I now have the Batman Death in The Family BluRay.

I have currently done exactly one route, I was trying to get the happiest ending possible so those who already know everything can probably guess what ending that led me to.  

My plan was to do one route at a time, but I honestly don’t feel like I even got a full movie experience out of only one route and that isn’t good, the total runtime of all the routes is 3 hours, so I felt each route should have no trouble being as satisfying as one standard 70 minute movie.  

There are a total of 7 endings the opening said, but I have a sneaking suspicion everything after the first choice I made leads to the same outcome.

Then I watched the rest of it and found one of my initial assumptions was the opposite of correct.

It was a pretty fun experience, the closest thing I've done so far to playing a Visual Novel.  If you liked the Under The Red Hood animated movie from 2010 you'll probably enjoy this as a companion piece.  But I'm not sure it's worth the full price, maybe wait to you cna get it used for a little cheaper.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Anime 2020 creeps along

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Episode 23 of Railgun T was great, I love in a genre like this when the story is being told from the POV of a supporting character temporarily.  And I considered it a pleasant surprise that our quirky group of antiheroes actually came out of it with a win.

Episode 4 of Higurashi Gou was unpredictably predictable.

I’ve decided to drop Majo no Tabitabi.  I think the show is fairly decent for anyone into it’s central premise, but I’m really not right now.

I'll try to have more to say in the next update.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Zelda Timeline speculation that is now long outdated

I know I'm making this Zelda post a little early, if I wind up blowing my Zelda load before November I'll just make sure to give this post additional promotion.  I simply have have too much Zelda on the brain right now to post about anything else.

I'm one of those people who hated the Split timeline theory before Hyrule Historia made it official, and kind of still do.  My relationship to Timeline theorizing was always complicated however, as on some level I prefer seeing each Game as it's own universe.  None the less I'm the kind of person who also just can't resist getting into that kind of speculation, and the fully 3D games at least were definitely implying a shared universe.

I am still convinced to this day that the split timeline was not at all what anyone was thinking when they wrote Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.  The fact that in TP of all the sages they had Ganondorf kill the Water Sage was clearly meant to foreshadow things going wrong with that element in the future.  

There was always this notion that single timeline was simply "everything is the child timeline" and so they'd make arguments like "how does Adventure of Link have cities named after the OoT Sages if they were never awoken?"

1. Each of them was already at least an important person to their tribe.

2. The Sages clearly exist in TP with the same elemental symbols, so clearly they transcend timelines in some capacity.

3. And it turns out AoL is on the not at all anticipated Downfall timeline where there is no logical reason to celebrate anything the OoT characters did.  So in hindsight that argument for the split meant nothing.

I always viewed the end of OoT as the same as the perfect ending of Majora's Mask where the Goddess of Time somehow creates a timeline where Link did all of the Mask missions even though that's not actually possible.  Link gets to have his Childhood but the Sages are still Sages and Ganon was still captured.

Breath of the Wild has confirmed that TP's Ganondorf wasn't permanently killed regardless so that argument isn't valid anywhere.  If I'd had Infinity War at the time I would have made a certain reference to compare the finishing blows of WW and TP.

Another theory I always advocated before Skyward Sword retconned why Hyrule always has a Zelda was that the Sleeping Zelda of AoL was the same Zelda as OoT Zelda.  She was supposed to be the first Princess named Zelda, but her father also ruled a united Hyrule and in OoT Hyrule was unified at the time it's Link and Zelda were born. Her brother is missing from OoT but we never see the King either, of the Shiekah as a tribe, a lot of stuff was somehow off screen there.

A Link To The Past however remains the major problem for creating a timeline.  

Ocarina of Time was definitely made to be a prequel originally, but it was also retconning like crazy.  The real reason the Downfall timeline was needed was because that's the only way to have a Ganon with the full Triforce.  That plot hole clearly didn't concern them at the time however.

I don't mind OoT making the Sages all come from different tribes since that alleviates a certain problem this Genre often suffers from.  But it is still a retcon, in ALttP there is no ambiguity that all Seven "Wise Men" were all Hylian.  It was also heavily implied that no one before this Link ever wielded The Master Sword.

I have a lot of Nostalgia for ALttP, it is roughly tied with my Mom reading The Hobbit to me as my introduction to High Fantasy.  The game may have always been promoted as a hypothetical prequel to the NES games, but it was clearly written as a remake of the original, all of it's core elements now more fleshed out.  

And so I still prefer to envision all of the backstory that game and it's instruction manual gave us as I did when there wasn't a Zelda 64 yet.  As taking place on those maps and in that art style.  And with the reason for Mandrag Ganon being a humanoid Boar being simply that that is the Darkworld form of Ganondorf Dragmire.  And that he was just the leader of a gang of thieves that were like the thieves you encounter in that game, none of this only male Gerudo or reincarnation of (basically Morgoth)'s Malice stuff.

I suppose that's how certain Star Wars fans feel, they had their own vision for what Episodes 1-III should have been that they were attached to.  But I'm not a hypocrite because I'm not offended by the existence of Zelda Prequels, I don't think they actually work as Prequels as well as the Star Wars Prequels do, but I still like each of them as their own story, as their own take on the basics of what Zelda is.  My ablity to imagine something different isn't taken away.

Maybe ALttP as the start of it's own timeline but also a prequel to the NES games can also work.  Maybe Sleeping Zelda is that Zelda and the Triforce pieces were separated after Link entrusted it to the Royal family and then left.  That still gives Zelda an offscreen brother, and makes him trusting a shady wizard even weirder after the whole Agahnim fiasco, but never underestimate the selfishness of a spoiled rich kid.

When I first played the game I actually didn't know that the Golden Sword was just another upgrade of the Master Sword.  What the Cursed Fairy said (at least how the SNES localization translated it) made it sound like a completely new sword, and the official artwork made it look like more then just the color of the blade had changed.  I also because of a friend I think used to believe it was called the Magical Sword, same as the final sword in the original.

I also used to think Link's Uncle was canonically named Spiff for some reason.

Friday, October 16, 2020

October 2020 Anime Midway Point

 Well, I was not expecting episode 22 of Railgun T’s dub to show up as quickly as it did.  The Dreamranker ark is proving to work as a pretty fun epilogue to the season’s main feature.

Episode 2 of Mago no Tabitabi was enjoyable.

HigurashiGou episode 3 was fine.  One of the things I like to see in this new series of timelines is an arc where we get Mion’s POV.  We were denied her POV originally since she was a constant red herring, the Melissa Hastings to make a reference PLL fans would get.  I’d like to learn why she felt the need to act the way she did at the end of “Oni’s bloodline” and the beginning of “Revenge” in the Eye Opening Chapter.  And I would enjoy getting confirmation of what I now think happened in Curse Killing.

With episode 3 of Majo no Tabitabi I realized that this is basically Kino’s Journey but with Magick.  I have one criticism of the Sub I watched, translating “Majo-San” as “Miss Witch” really doesn’t look right.  “Miss Witch” reads in English like something you'd say derogatorily or at least condescendingly, which I know is not the intent of the Japanese.

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Anime 2020 and Witches

 I gave the pilot of Majo no Tabitabi a watch since that also fits October, it was pretty good.  Reminded me that I really should get to finishing Little Witch Academia. It’s good but Anime Harry Potter has limited appeal to me since I never liked Harry Potter.

In Praise of Shadows did a series on Witches in fiction and their relationship to the real legacy of the Witch Trials.  The only Anime covered were Belladonna of Sadness and Kiki’s Delivery service.  It really does feel to me like a study of that genre is incomplete without including Revolutionary Girl Utena or Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  

Of course he also in general wasn’t covering TV shows or else he’d no doubt included Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (at least the Gingerbread episode), Wizards of Waverly Place and maybe even The Secret Circle which I consider an enjoyable mess.  Of course The Secret Circle was loosely based on a series of books from the 90s which he didn’t cover in the novels episode, I haven’t read them but I have The Vampire Diaries from the same author and they are very good.

Burn the Witch is another 2020 Anime project using traditional Witch imagery I should maybe look at.  The only Pretty Cure series that is explicitly Witch centric enough to be worth mentioning here is the 2016 series Mahoutsukai aka Maho Girls Precure!

Episode 21 of Railgun T was pretty good, the actual storyline of the Dreamranker arc is kicking into gear.

Assault Lily moves too fast for me to watch Subbed.

Burn The Witch wound up not being what I was expecting.

So episode 2 of the new Higurashi confirms we’re getting a new arc.  That’s good I don’t think I could watch this new artstyle for its own sake.  But it does have me suspecting that I might need to finally binge those OVAs to fully get what’s going on.

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Also here is the introductory post for this series.

Friday, October 2, 2020

What are good Entry Point Anime for Western Superhero Comic Book Nerds?

It's kind of surprising to me how much these two fandoms don't overlap.  I tried to make a variation on the Dio meme that's about the Captain Atom/Monarch fiasco and nobody got it.  Plenty of people who are deep into one of those rabbit holes is familiar with the most well known Normie examples of the other, but that's about it.

As someone who's DC fandom is older then my Anime fandom, and yet has come to now view Anime as what I'm more of a fan of then anything else.  I'm perhaps uniquely qualified to try and identify how to real others in.

The Anime that are most explicitly made to evoke Western Superhero aesthetics, stuff like One Punch Man and My Hero Academia, actually don't appeal to me.  They're just Battle Shonen with more Capes and Masks.

The Magical Girl Warrior Subgenre was influenced by Superhero comics in a very particular way.  If you're of the opinion that Wonder Woman was only great in the Marston era and everything since Denny O'Neil has been a hollow shell, then Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach might be exactly what you've been looking for.  But I know there will be others that won't be able to get into that genre, at least not without being phased into the Moe first.  So my focus today shall be more Seinen.

For me the show that wasn't my first Anime but the one that really felt like a unique and interesting approach to tropes and ideas I was already into from my prior Nerdiness was Code Geass.  There was a thread on IMDB once about comparing Lelouch to Simon Bolivar, I wasn't as familiar with that piece of history as I am now, but I left a comment on how I liked to compare Lelouch to Alexander The Great and Paul Atredes and Batman and Spiderman and Ozymandias but there was also overlap with what I loved about the Star Wars Prequels.  Later when I started getting into Paul Feval his John Devil was added to that list.  The show also had Shakespearian qualities in some of it's dialogue exchanges that are more subtle then literal Iambic Pentameter.

But one thing I kept noticing when I rewatched the show earlier this year was how many Anime tropes and clich├ęs it had that I wasn't prepared to recognize as such when I first watched it.  This was my first Absurdly Powerful Student Council, my first School Festival and even my first taste of some of Anime's special kind of degeneracy (wasn't my first Yuri though).  It introduced me to those things but not in doses unbearable for someone who'd prefer not to have them.

Thing about Code Geass is while it was great for me others might need something even less perverted.

Death Note is a show I watched because it's lead was often compared to Lelouch.  The show provides a great Holmes vs Moriarty style battle of wits, for a certain kind of Comic Book Nerd it's exactly what they want.  But I'm more looking for what will appeal to those who's tastes are less dark.

For people like Linkara, I really recommend starting with A Certain Scientific Railgun and then the show it spun off from A Certain Magical Index.  Railgun is a Seinen show that could easily pass for Shoujo, and at times I feel like it has an appeal that is very similar to why Teen Titans is my favorite DC franchise.

Railgun is better then Index at least in their Anime versions for a number of reasons.  The main thing that makes it a better entry point for Normies is having none of Index's egregious fanservice, only the most G rated allusions to that aspect of the universe.  During Railgun T especially it proves to be a show where the battles actually put thought into making interesting use of the characters' various powers and abilities.

But once you are into this universe, you probably will want to check out Index and Accelerator eventually, because there are aspects of the universe only those shows can get into.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Anime 2020 enters Halloween Month

 Well with BOFURI completed I can say it was a fun enjoyable show, I recommend it.

I’m thinking of increasing the shows I’m willing to watch Subbed for the Fall of 2020, I will wait till the Dub for the Inuyasha sequel no matter what.  But since Higurashi I’m already used to watching Subbed I might as well check out the Reboot.  And Assault Lily seems like the kind of show I could watch Subbed.  And the fact is I have no way of knowing right now how many will get Dubs and I don’t want to be as empty as Summer was.

The Inuyasha sequel I intend to watch even though I haven’t properly watched the original so that at least someone blogging about it can provide the perspective of how it works as an introduction to this Universe for new fans.  Which has already bene my perspective on the Legend of The Galactic Heroes Reboot and Fruits Basket.  A sequel is different from a Reboot but the idea remains that I won't be comparing to the original just judging the new show on it's own terms.

Well I watched the new Higurashi pilot before the first day of October was over.  The new Artstyle doesn’t sit well with me, it reminds me of my issues with Pokemon Sun and Moon.  I’ll probably keep watching it at least through the Halloween season.

Like with Batman Begins and The Amazing Spiderman, a new adaptation is an opening for people to make complaints about the older classic adaptation that wasn’t so common to make before.  In the Anime world we’ve seen this before with Sailor Moon and FMA Brotherhood and Hellsing Ultimate.  But in Higurashi’s case it’s all criticisms that don’t exist without comparison to the source material, even though it's not an adaptation that completely changed the storyline or anything.

In particularly the case of Anime I’m used to reboots not having the same theme song, so this one actually playing it at the end almost felt weirdly jarring as I don’t think the new Artstyle suits it as well.

I am gonna wait a little bit before doing Assault Lily.  

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Also here is the introductory post for this series.