Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'm attempting to revive my Shadowmen Lounge Message Board

I made some new posts there recently, largely copy/pasting stuff form my blogs.  But it's easier to manage and follow a conversation on a Message Board.  And I like my Blog Posts to be conservation starters.

So for Blog Posts of mine that would be off topic there.  Feel free to share one of my posts on a Message Board you frequent where it would be relevant, and then let me know about it.

I'm planning to read The Hollow Needle and 813 very soon.  That should hopefully give me much to talk about.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I've listened to more Audio Dramas

I've highly recommended this overlooked medium of story telling on this blog already.  Talking about how scientifically it can help stimulate the Brain and make you smarter.

The prior two posts were all about DC Comics based products.  And while I have also listened to some more of those (a Batman Death of the Family adaptation, and a Long Halloween one) I figured I should show here how I've checked out some beyond that.

I of course years ago listened to the Orson Wells War of The Worlds broadcast.  It was entertaining, I don't have much to comment on about it.

I listened to much of the Radio Drama adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, up to the Mule.  I stopped there only because the story doesn't interest me as much once the Second Foundation stuff starts.  It's a good adaptation and I highly recommend it.

I also listened to and really enjoyed The Domino Lady All's Fair in War, fans of old Pulp Style stories should enjoy that.

I also listened to a Radio Play version of Carmilla, and it was great, the best adaptation of Carmilla thus far.

For the remainder of this post I want to talk about Rob Skiba's Seed The Series.  I just listened to the three Radio Drama episodes he has produced for it, which are supposed to equate to half the eventual Live Action Pilot.

Rob Skiba seems to be blocking and ignoring me on all Social Media we used to interact on.  So he's clearly not interested in my feedback.  Still I like Rob Skiba and I would like his project to succeed.  But I have a tendency to be disappointed by Christian Fiction, so I worry.

I try to keep my criticism independent of my Interpretations of The Bible being different, after all I enjoy endless fiction from people who don't revere The Bible at all. The entire lore Rob has constructed for this is built on assumptions I have come to reject, chiefly the vilification of Nimrod, but also the Hybrid idea itself.  But still since I actually enjoy fiction that are Gnostic Allegories, all of that is stuff I can accept.

So Spoilers ahead.

The main character is bland, and I'm generally not into such military centric fiction, it's an incredibly cliche approach for a work of Western Fiction.  And having so little from any Female Characters thus far does not endear me either.

This is nitpicky, but I can't help but notice that Rob seems to have forgotten when the U.S. entered Iraq.  This is dated to late 2002, the invasion was in spring 2003.  Maybe most people don't remember the build up to that war as vividly as I do, but for me that's a slight immersion breaker.

I myself as an aspiring writer have a tendency to do things like have my characters make Ghostbusters references, one of my favorite Animes is Lucky Star, that's what I like.  But the references made here were awfully predictable.

Still, issues aside there is plenty of potential.  When he eventually records more I'll listen to em.  And I think these little Radio Plays could be very entertaining to someone who's tastes are different then mine.

Given the stated premise I'd heard from him about this before, about it being called Seed because he wants to start with small seeds and grow from there.  I do feel like he's started a little too big.  Meeting an actual Fallen Angel in the first episode is a pretty big plant.  And if he thinks viewers outside The Church (he said he wants it to have broad appeal.) aren't gonna get the Biblical References right away, he's grossly underestimating them.  Of course what he means by the references to Orion is fairly Esoteric.

I'm not saying it's a good idea to do a full bait and switch, make it seem not Christian at all only to suddenly go BAM here is a barrage of Bible Quotes.

I would use characters leading relatively normal lives.  In fact I'd do a High School drama, Western audiences look down on those often but I don't care.  I love, Buffy, Smallville, Spiderman, One Tree Hill, Pretty Little Liars and endless High School set Anime.  I'd have one main character who's a Christian interpreting what's going on to fit her Biblical World View, but hold off on showing anything to solidly verify her view is correct.  Make her have to actually have Faith.

And before encountering actual Old Ones, I'd build the supernatural aspects up more slowly.  I'd have Mages who practice Hermetic Magick.  Why favor Hermetic Magick?  Partly because I love Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero and like how it looks there.  And also partly because of how much I have enjoyed listening to the claims of William Schnoebelen about things like Transyuggothian Magick.  And I'd have at least one of them claiming to be an immortal Alchemist in the tradition of Saint-Germain, Cagliostro and Althotas.

Basically, I'd start the show with the paranormal aspects being mild, and let it build up over time, a growing sense of escalation.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

John Devil Expanded Universe

I want to talk here a bit about my personal plans for expanding on the John Devil universe in future writings.  

Spoilers for what happened in John Devil will abound.

First to clarify I agree with Brian Stableford’s interpretation of what happened, Henri Belcamp and Tom Brown are the same person.  His timeline in the back of his translation is also very helpful.  I can’t overstate how much I recommend everyone buy it and read it.

Next I want to state that while my fictional universe in very much inspired conceptually by the Wold Newton Universe concept (particularly the French WNU) it's not ultimately compatible with the WNU proper.

One reason is because I write my fiction assuming my interpretation of Biblical Chronology to be true, as a Six Day Young Earth Creationist, so that leaves no room for things like Conan The Barbarian or the proper Cthulhu Mythos.

Another is because I don't like the explaining talented people by saying their ancestors were affected by a meteorite to begin with.  Though the idea of meteorites playing important roles in history is interesting to me.  As well as in genealogies.

In both of those cases nothing I write for TOTS will contradict the WNU proper.   Avoiding the events of 1795 should be easy enough, the closest historical period I might want to address is the Conspiracy of the Equals in 1796-97.  And since any stories written for that won't be set sooner than the English Revolution or at the least the Mayflower, anything said about Biblical history or the age of the Universe is free to be taken as merely that character's opinion.  And I will write characters who don’t share my personal opinions.

But one remaining major deviation from the proper WNU that won't exactly be avoidable is that I want to throw out the traditional WNU genealogy for Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes in exchange for making them descendants of Gregory Temple.  
I have decided against my initial instinct of having it be through Richard Thompson II, and instead will speculate that naturally Richard Thompson and Suzanne Temple had other children.  Mainly I want to give them a daughter who will become a detective herself but won't work for the police because of Victorian Sexism.  She'll do battle with Sir Williams and his mistress named Moriarty during 1840-43.  And she'll be Bisexual and eventually marry a Country Squire named Siger Holmes and give birth to Sherlock in 1854.  She may also have some sexual tension with Moriarty.

Moriarty is depicted directly very little in Doyle's canon, allowing a lot of room for interpretation of his character.  In the first Rathbone film he's essentially the prototype of Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor, on BBC's Sherlock he has a Joker quality to him, and in the RDJ films he's essentially a Victorian Post-Crisis Luthor.  But it's not as common to depict him as a villain with an arguably good motivation, or as a character who at least started that way and lost sight of it as the power corrupted him.

But since his name as well as his right hand man Moran's is Irish, and he works with an Irish revolutionary group in The Valley of Fear.  I feel, it makes sense to see him as someone carrying on the mission of Fergus O'Breanne from Les Mysteries de Londres.  (Note, in The Vampire of New Orleans I had originally mentioned the IRA but the editors choose to replace that with a more generic reference to Irish Freedom fighters, which I fully understand.  If I'd known then what I do now I'd have used the name of the group in TVoF).

So my genealogy for Moriarty begins with Sarah O'Brien (who I usually default to calling Sarah O'Neil because that's who we meet her as).  After the end of John Devil she married Frederick Bohem and births an heir for him, but he dies after not very long.  She then returns to The Gentlemen of The Night now being reorganized by The Colonel.  She has an affair with Fergus O'Breanne (who she'd met before) long before he establishes himself as the Marquis of Rio-Santo, and they have a daughter born legally under their Moriarty alias.  That daughter later has three sons, a Colonel, a Professor and a Station Manager, in my canon only the Colonel is forenamed James.  It is only the Professor who is fathered by Sir Williams.

I'm not fond of the Moriarty is Nemo theory, Robur and Moriarty I could maybe see as the same if it'd chronologically fit, but not Nemo.  Nemo I view as a son Henri Belcamp had with a princess in India while he was preparing that part of his plan.

Henri tells an elaborate story about how he met Percy Balcomb in Australia which we know is made up since Percy was really an Alias of Henri.  But maybe some aspects of that story were based on how he met Fergus O'Breanne since we know he too was in Australia for a while and visited Napoleon about the same time Henri did.  I think Fergus was a part of Henri's plan off screen, perhaps as a commander in the Navy that Henri wanted Robert Surrisy to lead.  I also suspect that between leaving Australia and reaching St Helena they visited the Il Padre Diogni in Corsica.

There is a Walter Brown on the high council of The Gentlemen of The Night during the 1830s, as well as a Peter Wood who could be a relative of Mr Wood  (according to Frank Morlock's translation of the Stage Play version at least).  Could he be a son "Tom Brown" had as a result of some random affair? It's more common than you might expect for a child born out of Wedlock to still wind up with their Father's Surname.  On the Mr Wood subject a James Wood also factors into Rocambole’s later adventures in London.

I can't think of any fictional Characters last named Davy right now, but that would be interesting to look into. Same as Palmer, cause 2 other identities Henry went by were James Davy and George Palmer.

But Henri's only marriage was technically under the Identity of Percy Balcomb to Jeanne Herbert. If she conceived a child during their brief time together in July he/she wouldn't have been born until 1818. The now in the Public Domain 1919 film The Master Mystery starring Harry Houdini features a Herbert Balcom, who runs a Company in the United States that makes advanced Technology, and he turns out to be a Super-Villain of sorts. People often changed in some small way their Surname when they immigrated to the U.S. So, could Herbert Balcom be a descendent of Percy Balcomb and Jeanne Herbert?  I think it's likely.

Let's leave what happened during and after the events of John Devil and consider the background.

One CoolFrencComics genealogy suggests that the House of Belcame descends from Riene de Kergariou of Paul Feval's Fee Des Greves.  Given the similarity in name and the common connection to Brittany, I think placing her in the ancestry of the Kergaz family from the Rocambole novels would be a more natural conclusion.  
A lot of John Devil characters were alive at the time of the French Revolution, which is interesting in light of my French Revolution Shared Cinematic Universe (FRCU) idea I suggested elsewhere.  They all seem to be in London mostly during that time however, Armand De Belcamp went there after being exiled.  Much of the drama of the Scarlet Pimpernel was in London at this time also, so there could be crossover potential there.

The desire to compare Gregory Temple to Sherlock Holmes is hindered mostly by that in John Devil we see the end of his career mainly, already old and past his prime.  During the French Revolution he’s already began his career, we could have Helen Brown as his Irene Adler and Mr. Wood leading the Gentlemen of The Night.

I would course seek to tie this into my own evolving theories about the roles Secret Societies played during this history.  Which I discuss on my Conspiracy History Facts blog.

Monday, January 9, 2017

My current recommended order for watching the Star Wars films

Goes like this.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of The Clones
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of The Jedi
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

You may be surprised by that order.  My long advocacy for viewing the Prequel Trilogy first is not because of some unconditional principle that everything should be watched in Chronological order.  It's because I view the SW Prequels as being distinct from (most) other Prequels, they can work as their own independent Trilogy.  And cause what I like about the OT mostly comes from watching them knowing the PT story.

The Chronicles of Narnia I think should be read in the order Lewis wrote them.  I don't know what order I consider ideal for reading Paul Feval's Blackcoats series.  But like Digibro I think the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya should be, on it's first viewing at least, watched in it's original broadcast order.

And in the case Fate/Zero, the main reason I think it can make a better entry point into that saga then any version of Fate/Stay Night, isn't even that it's Chronologically before, or even really the fact that explains the rules and lore up front better.  It's the fact that it lacks the High School Harem Visual Novel aspects which might turn off many interested in that kind of story.  They weren't a problem for me, but I'm a Otaku, I'm used to it.  Many others who might be interested in a story about Hermetic Magick, the Holy Grail and a female King Arthur, are not.

I keep hearing people say that Rogue One was the first true stand alone Star Wars film.  I find that amusing, because A New Hope was the only one that might have had no choice but to stand alone.  While I personally feel The Phantom Menace still works best of all the SW movies as a stand alone.

While the Prequel Trilogy works great as Prequels if watched as such.  It's Rogue One that works only as a Prequel, I really would not recommend anyone view it as their first SW film.  So much about it, especially it's end, is predicated as us seeing things we recognize.  And the ending would clearly be read by such a person as a sequel hook. 

And I really would not recommend cramming it in-between Episodes III and IV.  While it's Rogue One that timeline wise ended right where ANH begins.  ROTS ended there thematically and narratively, and so I always want to go right to Luke and Leia's story after finishing it, Rogue One would be a diversion.

I feel like Rogue One relates to the Original Trilogy similar to a Satyr play.

However I can also say that I would NOT recommend in the future when we have the entire New Trilogy having Rogue One interrupt it's viewing order either.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The thing about Critics is knowing how to anyalize what they say

I've always been a bit of an Anti-Critic person, especially the main mainstream kind of critics.  2016 was a year in which taking such an attitude became particularly controversial, some of my fellow DC fans claimed a silly Disney conspiracy in negative reviews of DC films.

There is no direct correlation either way in whether or not a critically received film will be one I also like.  But when it comes to Genre films it's clear many are inherently disconnected from most what casual viewers care about.

What I've come to learn is that the key is in knowing how to discern what they say, why they did or didn't like it.

I watched one YouTube video where a guy gave a positive review of the Comic Book Trade Paper Back Batman Black Mirror. A comic I haven't read.  And I concluded from what he said that this is a story I'd hate and shouldn't bother with.  Meanwhile I've had the exact opposite experience listening to his negative comments on Grant Morrison's Batman run.  But on plenty other Comics I've agreed with this person's opinion.

I've had similar experiences listening to YouTubers talk about Anime.

Digibro had a video recently where he said the differences between different tastes in fiction is being different in what flaws you can tolerate and what flaws you can't.  I disagree however.  Because the thing with especially the Star Wars Prequels is that so very often what I love is exactly what the haters hate, I don't respond to the criticisms because those very things are why I like Star Wars to begin with.

Now I have not yet watched Sword Art Online.  It's an Anime I've been putting off watching, I've decided I will try it soon, I'm not sure what I'll think.  But I know more about it going in then I have few other Animes.  Mostly from listening to very negative opinions of it.  Here I do not really hear the same things I hear from Prequel Haters.

Not once have I heard a complaint be something that is exactly what I'm looking for in Anime.  Some are things I'm not bothered by, like Plot Holes, Incest, and general Anime Cliches.  But also much of it speaks to exactly what often frustrates me in Anime, from gratuitous fan-service, to mindless sexual assault.

However these critics do mention occasional good things, and some are things that might win more points from me then they would others.   And I already know I like the cast it's Dub has.  And I really it's composer, Noir/Madlax to Madoka to Re/Zero, all great Anime Music.

I notice that the people who hate SAO the most, often really liked Asuna as a character, and are upset at how she gets treated.  That is certainly something I can relate to.

So I'll give it a shot, I'm expecting either something I'll hate, or something I'll enjoy with heavy reservations.  If I feel like talking publicly about it it'll probably be on my Tumblr, where I'm use an SAO Tag, and/or SAO Hate.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Overall 2016 was a good year for me

It had it's bumps, and I sympathize with those who feel like this was the worst year ever.  We lost many people.  But if Trump is the disaster of a President many have good reason to fear he will be, that will make next year horrible, and many more to come.  So I'm going to end this year remembering it fondly.

If you look at my other 4 BlogSpot/Blogger blogs, you'll see that my views and ideology have shifted somewhat over the last year.  Much of it is changes the seeds for which had been planted earlier.  But the learning I did this year was vitally formative.  And I said much on those blogs I feel is very important.

On this blog also I wrote some of the most ambitious posts I've placed on it.  Most recently the Star Wars and Fascism one.  But also The French History of The Femme Fatale, The Mysteries of Gotham, The Night is Darkest Just Before The Dawn, the post about liking longer movies, the "Show Don't Tell" post, and plenty more.  However these have mostly failed to become the most viewed posts, perhaps I've been lazier about promoting them.

The majority of what I've done on my YouTube channel was posted this year.  At the bottom of this post i may put a few of my really recent ones.  And I created many Memes.

And for my fictional writing career, I shared what I wrote last year, and wrote it's sequel.

I was endlessly entertained by this Election, as much of a sad commentary as it was.  To a large extent following has contributed to the above mentioned refining of my beliefs.  Of course there were points where it made me feel a little down, but I had plenty to pick me back up.

I have mixed feeling towards Batman V Superman, and the Animated stuff we got from DC.  But I loved Suicide Squad, and with a few reservations enjoyed what DC gave me on TV.  Ghostbusters was acceptable.  PLL was still great though my long honey moon phase with it is over.  The MCU films we got were not as fun for me as the first two phases but probably better then what we got in 2015.  And to top it all off we had Rogue One.

But the main thing I have to say about entertainment media this year, is that I've decided for the near future, with a few notable exceptions, I pretty much only care about what comes out of Japan.  Mainly Anime, and Video Games, but I started trying to read Manga for the first time ever, and watched the Live Action adaptations of Death Note.

Probably 75-90% of the total Anime I have seen I've seen for the first time in the last three years, it was some point in 2014 when I saw Madoka and Sailor Moon was revived and I decided to start regularly keeping up with Anime, sorta.  And this year I was indulging in it even more then I did the prior two years.

Only a small portion of that is Anime that came out this year.  High School Fleet, SMC season 3, Flip Flapper, Izetta, and some shows I started but didn't finish yet.  Three of those four examples mark the first time I ever followed new Anime as they originally aired, I've usually done this by Binge Watching.  Oh and movie wise the 3rd Rebuild film which took awhile to get Dubbed.

It's actually hard for me to imagine the fact that it was less then a year ago I first watched Lucky Star.  Because it has quickly become a pretty important part of how I define myself as an Anime Nerd.  But because of some online documentation, I know I hadn't watched it yet when the year started.  And that strange as it may seem I first watched Haruhi after I'd seen Lucky Star, likewise with K-On.

My second watching of Lucky Star, or at least second time watching it all the way through.  Was on Election Day actually, so I was amused by returning to Konata's election coverage interrupting her Anime comment.  Thanksgiving was the day I watched Dubbed Nanoha, both seasons, and I will always remember that fondly.

I don't think I could name all the anime I first discovered this year, and I may regret latter some of what I'm considering it a priority to mention here.  But if you go over my blog, a good deal what I mention was often stuff I only recently saw.  Particularly my comments on the Fate/ franchise and that High School of The Dead, which were quite fresh in my minds when I felt compelled to comment on them.

Also the Dub of YuriKuma, and I think after that Penguindrum.  And Wixoss.

There a few I stupidly can't remember exactly, Yuru Yuri was late 2015 at the soonest, I know it was strongly on my mind in April of this year, and I did some revisiting of it in the last couple weeks.

But a good deal of my Anime viewing this year was revisiting some of what I already loved.  Like Noir which I made a post on, and then after that watching it Subbed for the first time.  Also Engaged to The unidentified, which in 2014 was the first Comedy/Slice of Life Anime I ever watched, I revisited it partly on my Birthday if I recall correctly.

Also just this last month has seen a huge increase in my PreCure knowledge.  Including a handful of the films, none of which I'd seen before.

I've also gotten into the wider Anime Fandom more.  Following Digibro, and other YouTubers, and being endless amused by Two Fat Guys Talk.  I should also shout out to Vrai and JosieNextDoor.

So I had a lot of fun this year.  But I intend to make next year even better if Trump doesn't kill us all.  Between New Anime that will come out next year, Anime I've deliberately kept on hold like SOA which I have low expectations for, PLL going out with a Bang, Wonder Woman and Justice League reforging the Superhero film genre, Star Wars Episode VIII, I may check out Kong.  And I forget if next year is the Jurassic World sequel or is that 2018?

So let's keep looking up.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Star Wars is about Fascism, but is it so in a way that is actually useful in opposing Fascism?

So my fellow SJWs at TheMarySue and LadyGeekGirl and on Tumblr have going on and on about how Star Wars is obviously political.  What they mainly mean by that is it's obviously on their side, and want to use that George Lucas, and the new directors are all mostly on the Left of modern American politics as proof of that.  But the Author Is Dead and George Lucas especially was like Tolkien in that he wanted his stories to have a universal appeal beyond his own personal views or context.

But I'm not making this to talk about any intentional room for interpretation.  But rather a far deeper issue of how society responds to the fiction they watch.  And to start with you should watch this video.

From Caligari to Hitler: Imagining the Tyrant - Between the Lines

This premise goes back decades. But this particular video on it was made in November of 2016, after the U.S. presidential Election of that month but before Rogee One came out.  I had watched it when it was still pretty new bookmarked it on YouTube.

Rogue One is a movie I loved and enjoyed.  But as I looked at a certain segment of Star Wars fans not so impressed with it, expressing how bothered they were by people in their theater openly cheering on Darth Vader at the end.  I was reminded of the above video.

Because this thesis was not mainly about heroes of German cinema who could be viewed as unintentional proto-Nazis, though that was a small factor.  It mostly came down to the tendency of the masses to be fascinated by Villains.  Star Wars has always had that factor, it is the TVTropes Trope Namer for Rooting For The Empire.  And recently The Fanboy Perspective did an editorial about how annoyed he is by movies who's villains are not sufficiently charismatic and Bad@$$ enough to satisfy him.

Now don't get me wrong.  That Vader scene is one you are supposed to "enjoy".  You are supposed to "enjoy" it the same way you "enjoy" a Slasher film.  But of course the fandom of Slasher films has this same problem, I keep seeing people try to say the Final Girl archetype is Feminist, but they don't sell action figures of Laurie Strode, they sell action figures of Michael Myers.

Now I was planning on making this post and saying what I am about to say before Carrie Fisher was even hospitalized.  But naturally I now find it even more important to say that the character people should have been standing up and cheering at the end of Rogue One was Princess Leia.

And of course I can't help but notice the clear correlation between this kind of Star Wars fan, and the Prequel Haters.  People who resent the Prequels for emasculating Darth Vader, and are oh so thankful now to Rogue One for restoring his Manhood, quite literally symbolized by the extending of his Lightsaber.

And we see that in the new Tirlgoy's haters also to an extent, not liking how whiny and pathetic Kylo Ren seems, they wanted a new Vader, not a Vader wannabe.

Now before you go "great Job invoking Godwin's Law in your ongoing Crusade against Prequel Haters".  I want to say, don't oversimplify my premise.  I'm now sawing you can identify Trump voting by tallying who cheered on Darth Vader, or who hated the Prequels.  On Tumblr I certainly know many Prequel haters who are Anti-Trump, and the most Conservative Star Wars fan I know is a relative who's pretty okay with the Prequels.  My point is, that there is a basic cultural overlap between the mentality that leads to thinking the Villains are the best parts of Comic Book films, and finding Trump's style appealing.

And I know full well The Prequels also give us a Villain to be fascinated by, as they finally gave The Emperor an actual character.  Yet at the same time so much Prequel hate is tied to feeling Darth Maul and Count Dooku were under utilized.  And complaining about Anakin killing the Younglings.

Yes that is an important comparison to the Rogue One scene.  Undeniably that should show the character's Evilness far more.  In Rogue One he's killing enemy combatants, not even a War Crime much less one against civilians, it's wrong only to the extent his goal is wrong.  But it's not so easy to cheer on Vader massacring Younglings, which Lucas kept off-screen anyway.  More importantly then that though, is how it doesn't make him seem Bad@$$, it makes him seem Pathetic, Sidous had basically just told him he needed to so some Evil for the Evils to grow more powerful with The Dark Side, and so he did just that.  Reminds me of how Utena fans who hate the movie are so upset by Akio now being made to look pathetic, Ikuhara did that deliberately.

The massacre of the Seperatists leaders could have been far easier to cheer on.  But the way it's scored and shot, and how it's inter-cut with Palpatine's speech (Lucas cited this as his one Godfather Baptism moment) discourages the audience from doing so.  Topped off by seeing how even this killing of people who narratively had it coming had Anakin crying, showing he still has further to fall, and is certainly as Yoda predicted "Suffering".

I also noticed recently a problem in how all the universally praised Star Wars films, are ones where the "War" in question in unquestioningly a just one, for our Heroes side at least.  And in TFA and Rogue One more so then the Original Trilogy, hesitancy to go all in on fighting it is presented as weakness.  While The Prequels which send the message that fighting an unjust war, one where our Heroes were the aggressors, is what created The Empire in the first place, get decried as not being simple enough.

2002 saw the release of both Attack of The Clones and The Two Towers.  That was also the year the Bush Administration was beating the War Drums on Iraq, so much so my mind still affiliates that War with 2002 more so then 2003.   Both films happens to have a theme of a War about to break out which it does at the end.  Bizarre coincidence since it couldn't have been pre-planned.

The sad Irony is that Tolkien would certainly despise the Bush Doctrine as someone traumatized by WWI.  Yet the timing of when the Two Towers movie came out allowed many Bush voters in the theater to take Aragorn's "Open War is upon you, whether you would have it or not" as a take that to Anti-War liberals.  I know this because way back then I was one, a fact I'm deeply ashamed of.  Meanwhile AOTC clearly presents the decision to go to War as a mistake.  The Empire was truly Born in Episode II, as the score beautifully tells you at the end.  It was just formalized in Episode III.  I wonder to what extent the Prequels are a factor in my ceasing to be Pro-War by 2006.

Going back to Lucas intent, yes he wanted to cosmetically reference the Nazis like everyone was doing at that time.  But in the Audio Commentaries the real meat when he's talking about Historical influences lie in his talking about Ancient Rome and of all people Napoleon III.  Julius and Augustus Caesar, and both Napoleons where in the Left Wing of the politics of their times, however odd that may seem to us looking at it now.  Lucas message in the prequels was about how Democracy can be subverted, regardless of the ideology of the one subverting it.

That he cited Napoleon III is interesting to me.  Years after I'd first enjoyed those Audio Commentaries, I started developing an interesting in 19th Century French Popular fiction, the genesis of which was discovering Paul Feval and BlackCoatPress.  Brain Stableford talks much about the historical contexts of all these novels in his Introductions, Afterwards and Footnotes of his Translations, (interestingly in Invsisble Weapon he theorized Feval become personally disturbed by his own ability to write such compelling villains, that he became like Mliton unknowingly of The Devil's Party).  And there too Napoleon III is unavoidable.  He may be a nearly forgotten figure today, but to his contemporaries he was very important.

And of course the shadow of Napoleon Classic Version is vital to that.  Especially since censorship meant any negative commentary on him had to veiled.  And he had critics from both fellow Progressives and old fashioned conservatives.  Seemingly any novel mentioning the original Napoleon in the 1850s, 60s or even to an extent 70s had Napoleon III in mind.  But not using OG Napoleon himself as the allegory, no they didn't want to grant him that.

The thing about the real Naoleon was that he managed to earn the respect even of those who most harshly opposed him Politically, from both the Royalists and Republicans, from Alexandre Dumas to Paul Feval.  Napoleon III couldn't do that.  And thus the contemporary fictional allegories for him lie in the Napoleon wannabes.  Like  Henri Belcamp of Paul Feval's John Devil, or The Blackcoats: Companions of The Treasure, where Julian Bozzo-Corona disguised himself as his far more iconic Corsican Grandfather, Colonel Bozzo-Corona.

Of course it is this failed wannabe nature of how Napoleon III was fictionalized by his contemporaries that makes someone in the know like me a little disappointed in Palapatine as a character partly inspired by him.  And this informs what I in-spite of my issues with TFA love about Kylo Ren.  It is Kylo Ren's failure to be Darth Vader that reminds me of Napleon III's failure to be Napoleon.  And I now kinda hope Snoke is equally a wannabe Sidious, overcompensating in his hologram, so no one question the size of his.... hands.

I realize I kinda left the original topic a bit there.  But I wanted to show I'm not just being a hater who's now completely cynical to seeing useful Politic in Star Wars.  Because Donald Trump also wants to be something he is not.  The Alt-Right sees this as a second American Revolution, but Trump is no George Washington.

Some people might find it offensive to see any French Figure as a proto-Fascist when France was a nation victimized by 1940s Fascists.  But in their current Political Climate they should know they're no more immune to it then America is.