Monday, August 18, 2014

Gotham TV Show

As a life long Batfan I really want to be excited for a new Batman series.  But I'm really worried about this one.

If they wanted to make a Batman show without Batman why not just Nightwing, or the Time Drake Robin, or another chance for Birds of Prey, or a live action Batman Beyond?

If they want to do a Gotham themed police Drama they could have just based it on Gotham Central, have batman exist already but be merely a shadow in The Background.

If they wanted to do a glorified Prequel why not just Year One characters?  Instead of all these main supporting characters being around when Bruce is only 12.  Seriously besides Poison Ivy he's younger then everyone he helps or fights in The Future.

We have a Penguin who's skinny, a Poison Ivy with a random name change.  And Gordon is a Rookie next to every Cop he's supposed to outrank someday.

It's all just so random, they felt they couldn't sell a "Batman" show without putting numerous of the most iconic recognizable names in the Promo.  Even though Arrow has been a hit using lower profile characters.

I'll watch it when it starts, but my hopes aren't currently all that high.  And I'm someone who's usually pretty easy to please.

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