Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Conflict in my reaction to The Dark Knight Rises

As a Stand Alone film it is Great, it exceeded my expectations.  As a Batman’s final adventure type story I feel it can compete with The Dark Knight Returns very well.  In fact it's better in my personal opinion.

But as a sequel to Begins and The Dark Knight I actually feel cheated.

What I had wanted was for Nolan’s entire trilogy to still be only the Beginning of The Batman’s legend.  To allow the next director to loosely follow his continuity but still do their own new thing, with the Escalation leading to less of a need for the heightened realism.

I wanted Crane’s experiments and the Arkham breakout/loosing of the Narrows to set the stage for potentially multiple villain origins.

I liked that Ra’s and Dent’s “Deaths” where left ambiguous, so they could still return for a future saga with only a loose connection.

The Joker’s final scene with Batman was clearly to me foreshadowing future Batman-Joker Battles, as well as the escalation of more eccentric villains being made.

I assumed the ending of The Dark Knight would lead to Batman still doing what he did but on the run from the Cops officially until the time came for that to end.

And I was hoping Gordon’s Daughter’s involvement in that final drama would lead to her becoming Batgirl.

Even if all those things never had happened in Nolan’s actual Trilogy, they could have at least been still in the cards for the future, at least in the Fan’s imaginations.

I don’t like that now after Rises clearly none of that happened or will happen, no matter how much Fan Films like The Joker Blogs want to make it still fit.

I don’t like Batman only being active for 1 year and then a few weeks out of another year nearly a decade latter.  I don’t like Robin being demoted to a mere Meta-Gag.  I don’t like Catwoman being someone who doesn’t feature into the Batman’s adventures until they're almost over.  And I really don’t like Batman having only dueled The Joker for a grand total of 5 days.

If I ever write my own Batman Fan Fiction, it’ll be set in a world where Begins and TDK are at least in a basic sense that Batman universes' origin story.  But Rises will not be canon at all, and I’ll find something to do very early on to make Rises incompatible.

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