Monday, September 22, 2014

Gotham Pilot Reaction

"I want die peacefully in my sleep with my eyes closed like my father.  Not screaming in terror like his passengers."
 Not sure I quoted that exactly right.  It was funny.  So getting down to business.

We meet Catwoman first, and she's pretty cool, like a female Artful Dodger.

The murder of The Waynes was done well.  The Iconic shot of Bruce kneeling over their bodies I felt was better here then in Begins.

I've become ok with this skinny Penguin.  Bullock is great, Gordon and Alfred are good too.

I'm glad we get to see Renee Montoya, I'm glad they're including her Sexuality.  Randomly making her involved with Gordon' fiance feels like a poorly thought out way to do it.  Why can't the Lesbian's Romantic/Sex Life be part of the show the way is for straight characters on a Cop Show?  Or give Renee a love interest she's had in The Comics.

So this fiance is Gordan's first Wife Barbara, but she looks like the spitting image of Essen.

Overall it was a decent start, I'll keep following it and hope it stays strong.

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