Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I rented and Watched Divergent today

This isn't a review so much as some random thoughts.

First off I feel like the perception "conservatives" have that Hollywood is all Liberal and Socialist is kind of undermined by all these Dystopic movies about how horrible an attempt at a state managed Communist Utopia would be.

What's kind of unexpected is that what makes Tris Divergent is that she's indecisive.  That's mainly the first thing we're told about her, that she doesn't know what she wants the outcome of the test to be.  The test goes wrong because she can't make a decision, and wants to be told what she's supposed to do.  Then she's really annoyed that the Test didn't make choosing her path easier.

What I would usually expect in a Sci-Fi speculation about such a society would be that our POV character is someone who definitely knows they don't want what they've been assigned (like Fry in the Pilot of Futurama, that's a parody however).  And that people who are OK with their decisions being made for them are what the system wants.

The way Tris at first handles the Dream Fear Test kind of made me think of The Kobayashi Maru.

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