Monday, September 29, 2014

I’m really sick of people who hate The Prequel Trilogy

I don’t care what their opinion is, what annoys me is how these people feel like they own Star Wars, and there are so many places on the Internet where I can’t express my Love of Episode I or the others without being told that somehow invalidates any opinion I’ve ever held.

Not only do I like the Prequel Trilogy, not only do I like it MORE then the Original Trilogy. I would not be a Star Wars fan at all if it was still only the OT. I enjoy those films like I do lots of movies, but their appeal to me is very limited.

Criticisms of the Prequels fall into 3 Categories

1. Problems that the OT also had but OT fan-boys are in denial about, bad dialogue, wooden acting and poor writing, being Kid friendly ect…

2. Ridiculously pointless nitpicking.  This of course plagues lots of movie among online haters.  Inevitably overlaps with the number 1.

3. The very things they don’t like are why I love them, i.e. they want different things from a Space Opera then I do, and that’s fine but they consider their preferences to be an indisputable agreed upon standard. Examples, Taxation Dispute, not being as simple Black and White as the OT is ect….

For me Episode I is the most Nostalgic, I was only 13 when that came out, it is a big part of the tail end of my Childhood. And seeing it on the Big screen again for the 3D release brought me right back to it, right from the Opening scroll, actually the first time I’ve ever began to tear up in a movie theater.

That’s why the “Lucas ruined my childhood” people outright offend me, they can’t respect people who have different Childhood experiences then them. Episode I was for me everything the OT was for them, and what I experienced for the re-release I’m sure is like what it was for them when the Special Editions came out in 97.

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