Monday, September 29, 2014

Reactions to Gotham, Second Episode and more on the first

I'm hooked on Gotham now, the Second Episode has me sold on it.

The chemistry between Gordon and Bullock is falling into place pretty well.  The Mayor is interesting.

What really sold this episode was Selina, she is proving to be a wonderful little Street Urchin.

I don't really have a lot specific to say on Episode 2 that I didn't already say in Tweets.

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I could not stop Geeking over the part about Bruce creeping up on people.
 Of course what we really need to see Bruce do is sneak away while Gordon is talking.

I want to say some more on the Pilot, mostly what I feel is the most unfair criticism, all the stuff I see in other reviews about "clobbering us over the head" with who they will be.

Oswald Cobblepot being insultingly called a "Penguin" because of his unattractive features, and being constantly bothered by that, is part of the Character and his issues.  People who know the character beyond the Berdgess Meredith caricature should understand that.  Instead I keep seeing "we don't need be told he looks like a penguin every scene".

As for Edward Nygma, if this wasn't a show that was an Adaptation of something I think that scene in the Pilot would've been recognized as a perfectly natural way to established the character as being eccentric with a need to express himself in an unusual way, and the hardass Cop is of course annoyed by it.

And I've even seen people complain that Selina had to have a scene with a Cat.

The Gimmicks these people are nicknamed after are part of the character and a part of setting they character up, they didn't just come out of nowhere.

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