Monday, September 29, 2014

Taxation Dispute

I find it humorous when people complain about the Taxation dispute, with the OT they love to brag about how it echos various mythologies, but this is just another example of that theme.

The Iliad begins with a dispute between Achilles and Agamemnon over the spoils of War. Bram Stoker’s Novel Dracula is initially about a Real estate transaction. The Richard Burton film The Robe’s events are instigated by the protagonist besting the future Emperor in a slave auction. The Burton and Peter O’Tool film Becket revolved around the controversy over what to do when a Priest is accused of a Crime. The story of David opens with a disagreement between King Saul and The Prophet Samuel about what to do with a Political prisoner.  The events in Batman Returns are largely set in motion because Max Shreck wants to get around red tape keeping him from building a Power Plant.  And the crisis in Jurassic Park is caused by Corporate espionage.

It’s a framing device, not what the film is actually about, is Episode IV merely about the transportation of a Battlestations’s stolen Blueprints?  But only with Episode 1 is this kind of framing device ever a criticism. It just shows how irrationally obsessed these haters are with finding things to B!tch about.

The Trade Federation is also clearly modeled after the old East India Company, with the term Viceroy and all.

The film I’ve been writing in my head about the Hasmonean Revolt also begins with a Taxation dispute, still during the Reign of Seleucus IV who Daniel calls “A Raiser of Taxes” in chapter 11. The opening narration deals with the prophecies in Daniel and the back-story of Alexander, the Wars of Succession, The Laodicean War and Antiochus Megas, but ends with the statement that Helicon, the King’s treasurer is coming to Jerusalem.

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