Friday, October 31, 2014

Well, Today is my Birthday

I don't have anything special planned, probably watch some monster movies latter.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thoughts on Pretty Little Liars and Ezria

I'm not an Ezria Shipper, I watch PLL for the Slash ships.

But I have been someone who was, (before the Ezra as -A mislead) never offended by the relationship.

First of all it annoys me to no end when the word "Pedophile" get misused.  Pedophile refers to attraction to prepubescent children. It's not a synonym for Statutory Rape.

Statutory Rape laws are needed, but they are perhaps too simplistically written, situations need to be considered on a case by case basis.  For most of human history a relationship between a woman in her late teens and an older man was perfectly normal.  That so many people think it should be commended now without exception is just ridiculous to me.

I keep hearing "A teacher is a position of authority" and that just reminds me how I hate the modern Pubic School system, because for most of history it was not.  A Teacher used to be an employee, and if the student demonstrated a failure to learn by getting a bad grade, he failed at his job.  There was no authority in the job at all.

Aria did always have the agency in the relationship, and at times she did seem more mature then Ezra.

While they were misleading us to Ezra being -A, the show was kind of at it's best, because Ian Harding made a very entertaining villain.  And the tension with Spencer and Aria was great.  And the Noir Episode was awesomeness.

But I also knew full well that they were gonna back out of it, and when they did they would be stuck in an inescapable corner.  Because I also knew they would certainly try to redeem Ezra.

So many people hate the show trying to Redeem him now.  "Getting shot doesn't take away what he did".  Well to people who invested in that romance for 3.5 this retcon (that is incompatible with many facts from early on) doesn't take away all of that.

And what Ezra is guilty of is exaggerated, if they'd paid attention they'd know he was not aware of -A the whole time.  The full on surveillance was only going on during season 4.

The book reveal makes no sense with the extremeness of how we saw Ezra behaving, but that's fine, the show is contrived melodrama and that's what I love about it.

I just wish they'd done one thing differently.  Keet Ezra having the past relationship with Ali, and knowing about the other liars from her, and coming to Rosewood for the intent for investigating and writing the Book.  But still have him not know that was Aria at the Bar, still allow that one moment to be just a coincidence.  It would still make him very shady from what happens latter on, but allow enough of the sort of innocence of how it started to remain.

Thing I like about the reveal in the season 4 finale of how he and Ali met, which I don't think many others noticed.  Is it parallels the original scene of Ezra and Aria meeting.  Ali does kind of the exact same thing Aria did.

People overlook that Aria didn't know that would be her teacher but certainly did know that was an older guy, and deliberately withheld information that might have discouraged an older man from making out with her in the bathroom.

What I've always liked about Aria is how she is in a strange way the most exactly like Alison of the Liars.  Hanna has her looks, Emily has her Heart (which she usually hides) Spencer has her Brain, but Aria has the same Soul.   Aria is Vivian Darkbloom.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Gotham Goat Reactions

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gotham episode 5 reaction

I didn't tweet much during this episode because I was sleepy

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rocambole in London

For now I decided to skip Volume 2 of Basil Balian's abridged Rocambole translations and go right to volume 3 with his London adventures.

The first story in the Volume was really the epilogue to Rocambole's India adventure.  It was amusing.

The summery of the Rocambole saga on CoolFrenchComics is sometimes misleading. Part of it may be how abridged this Translation is.  But I take notice that Jeon-Marc seems to want to encourage people to compare these characters to Iconic Modern characters, in ways that may or may not be accurate.  In the case of this first story, they describe The Beautiful Gardiner (Romia) in a way makes her sound kind of like Poison Ivy.

I did my post that talked about the Strong Female characters of Ponson and Feval.  Now that I've read this there are more I could add.  Vanda, Romia, but most of all Ellen Palmure.  At least in the first book of the London trilogy she is a really intriguing character.  The way her character completely changes at the end is kind of hard to swallow.  A problem that faces many female villains when they make a Heel-Face turn.

One of the main things I was looking forward to reading about was Reverend Peters Town.  Who's called Bishop Towne in this translation.  He's been called a sort of Protestant counterpart to Eugene Sue's Father Rodin.  Thing is, he's not actually clever enough to fit that analogy I feel.  It's always a different Villain who actually seems to be a match for Rocambole's ingenuity.  Towne is maybe more comparable to Father D'Aigrigny, Rodin's superior.

Rocambole was a character who started out a villain.  What's interesting here is that while operating as part of this Irish Resistance in London he kind of seems effectively like he's a Supervillain again in terms of his tactics.  Comparable to Anime characters like Lelouch Vi Britannia.

Feval and Ponson both wanted to play on French reader's tendency to sympathize with the Irish under British occupation, but Ponson was willing to go much further.  Because Feval still had Fergus O'Breanne and Henri Belcamp as villains rather then heroes.

There are flaws, but overall I recommend it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Arkham, Gotham TV Reaction

No Montoya or Catgirl tonight, but a Hott Selene Gomez look alike.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Slam Bradley is another character Gotham should include

Slam Bradley is a pulp style Hard Boiled Detective character, who was the main selling feature of Detective Comics before Batman was introduced.  He was also created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and was how they made their bread and butter before they convinced the company to take a chance on Superman.

When he's popped up in more recent DC Comics it's usually been has part of The Batman universe.  He fits Gotham type stories better then Metropolis.

I wouldn't put him on Gotham right away.  But he's coming to consider including.  There is definitely strong Meta reference in having him on a Batman prequel show.

Friday, October 10, 2014

My first story has been Translated into French

My first story has been Translated into French, and Published in a French book called.

L'Almanach Des Vampires

The Translator of my story is named Thierry Virga

Also Black Coat Press will be releasing an English version of this Anthology next year.

Gay Representation on TV

Gotham is, so far, one of the few shows I watch with my family.  On Monday I heard them rolling their eyes at the Renee/Barbara scene.  I refrained going into a heated discussion at that time, but I know inevitably one will be needed.

Their not full blown Homophobes.  In fact they've mostly taken my word on that The Bible does not Condemn Homosexuality.  But they definitely still have a Hetero-normative outlook.

Their the kind of people who complain about a Gay PDA, or something Gay on TV, and insist they'd feel the same if it was a Straight couple.  Even though I know full well they don't, at least the PDAs anyway.

Watching TV, indeed they will complain about what can be perceived as like a "Soap Opera" even about perfectly Hetero-normative Melo-Drama.  Their attitude toward those things are about the opposite of mine.  I'm all for the Melo-Drama.

On the subject of Gotham, I intend to explain to them that Renee Montoya is a Lesbian character in The Comics, and a very popular one.  But this triangle with Gordon and Barbara is not from the Comics, and I'm not very fond of how it's being handled thus far either.

I expect my dad to be all "I don't care if their Gay but that story doesn't have to be about that".  At which point I'm prepared toe explain that I'd like a Gay character's sexuality to be "in our faces" no less then the Straight ones.  Straight characters get laid, and flirt, and get entangled in triangles all the time.  I know full they often enjoy seeing McGee and DiNozzo getting played by a female suspect on NCIS.  I think a Lesbian cop experiencing that can be just as fun.

Still, I wish I'd be having this discussion with them prompted by a Gay storyline I was more enthusiastic about shipping.  Maybe Barbara and Renee will grow on me more once they've had an episode where they're together for more then 1 scene.  But for now I'm still fearing it could wind up being more counterproductive.

So all that about Gotham I've been wanting to post for time.  Onto other more recent news.

It's been notated that lately a lot of Lesbian women have been killed off on TV.  Heather Hogan did an article mainly prompted by Arrow killing of Sara Lance Wednesday.  I agree this trend is very annoying, but Arrow is the last example that ought to be singled out (and it's not the only relevant show Heather covers either).  Sara was slated to die long before we knew she was Bi (they refused to even really label her that).  She's a non Comic character carrying the future mantal of her sister.  I wish her exit had more put into it, that she'd died more heroically, and been in her last episode for more then the last 10 minutes.  But it was still inevitable.

I'm more angry at SHEILD.  The fact that the entire selling point of this show was that it's incredibly secondary to the MCU and the Movies won't acknowledge it, is exactly why it pisses me off that they bring important SHEILD Agents from the Comics onto the show only to kill them after very brief story-lines.  And that it's been done now to more then 1 Lesbian character is really troubling.  It's the opposite of Arrow with Sara, it's closing doors from the comics canon rather then opening them.

But I feel like people in The Lesbian and Feminist communities are far more forgiving of Joss Whedon then they would be most male writers.  Yes he did earn a lot of cred with Buffy, which was awesome and my favorite TV show of all time before PLL came along.

But I frankly have always felt like the more a Male constantly proclaims himself a Feminist the less of one he probably really is.  Perhaps Joss doesn't realize Misogynist men can share his Fetish for watching Hott women beat up larger men.  I get annoyed when people act like Avengers proved Joss should've done his Wonder Woman film.  Being right for one Comic based story isn't right for all.  To me, no matter how much cred they have, when a Director says he doesn't think much of a Superhero's canonical villains, they should be ruled out for directing that character.

Back to Gay issues.  One fact about Buffy's history still bugs me.  Joss said when he originally did the Willow and Tara storyline that he only intended Willow to be Bi.  And given his multiple very real romantic affections toward Male characters before that makes much more sense.  He then decided not to do that because he was afraid it would anger Lesbians to see Willow get with a man after Tara.  I think it's a problem within the Community that so many Homosexuals feel like Bisexual representation means less representation for them.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Value of Filler Episodes, thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal

As they air it's popular on Internet message boards to complain about filler episodes, and want them to get back to the plot.  The thing is filler episodes may not advance the plot-line but they do develop or at least explore the characters.  So when one looks back a decade or two later, the most memorable nostalgic moments often come from filler episodes.

The 90s Sailor Moon Anime is one often made fun of for having an insane amount of filler.  A 13 Act Manga Arc, becomes  like 40 episodes.  That's a Thousand minutes of television to sit through.

Sailor Moon Crystal has 7 episodes now, and as of the end Sailor Venus has made her introduction.  Clearly much different pacing.  It's following the manga much more directly.

I like it, it's visually awesome, and each character individually is perfect.  But the problem is I don't feel enough chemistry has developed between the characters.  On the old show I bought their bond in every scene.  The reason the DiC dub still worked despite it's annoying censorship problems is because it also captured that.

Crystal simply doesn't have the time to achieve that.  Each episode Earth shattering plot developments happen, and they have like 5 minutes to talk about it before be the Negaverse has them all in peril again.

I'm enjoying it, but it's missing that key spark.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Gotham 3rd Episode reaction

I've decided I may do 2 reactions per episode, one soon after it airs, and maybe another when I've had more time to process things.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Characters I want to see on Gotham

First of all, I can't believe I didn't think of this as soon as the premise was announced, Dr. Leslie Tompkins.  She is important to Bruce's childhood.

Since the reopening of Arkham Asylum is gonna be a thing, we ought to see Jeremiah Arkham.

I want Barbara 1 to give have given birth to Barbara 2 by the end of Season 2.  We know that marriage is destined to fail and I don't want it dragged out to much.  I could care less however about the Son Gordon has.

Thomas Elliot and Roman Sionis have both been villains implied to be childhood friends or family friends of Bruce/The Waynes.  Thing about Elliot is I don't like the comic character that much, but I love The Joker Blogs re-imagining of him.  As unlikely as it may be, I'd love to see that version of the character as a teenager.

I'd like Selina to make friends with Holly Robinson soon, I was hoping the Blond Orphan in the second episode would be her, but that seems unlikely now.

I also feel like the overlooked really early pre Batman#1 Batman villians would be interesting choices.  Hugo Strange is the most well known of those.  Dr.Death might seem like the same thing as Strange to some, but I'd make Strange like a Moriarty or Cornelius Kramm figure, and Dr.Death a more typical mad Scientist.

But I personally would be most interested in seeing The Monk (ReImagined a few times since.).  He'd be perfect for a Halloween episode, create a Vampire Panic in Gotham, but it turns out to be a naturally explained in the end.....  or is it?