Thursday, October 2, 2014

Characters I want to see on Gotham

First of all, I can't believe I didn't think of this as soon as the premise was announced, Dr. Leslie Tompkins.  She is important to Bruce's childhood.

Since the reopening of Arkham Asylum is gonna be a thing, we ought to see Jeremiah Arkham.

I want Barbara 1 to give have given birth to Barbara 2 by the end of Season 2.  We know that marriage is destined to fail and I don't want it dragged out to much.  I could care less however about the Son Gordon has.

Thomas Elliot and Roman Sionis have both been villains implied to be childhood friends or family friends of Bruce/The Waynes.  Thing about Elliot is I don't like the comic character that much, but I love The Joker Blogs re-imagining of him.  As unlikely as it may be, I'd love to see that version of the character as a teenager.

I'd like Selina to make friends with Holly Robinson soon, I was hoping the Blond Orphan in the second episode would be her, but that seems unlikely now.

I also feel like the overlooked really early pre Batman#1 Batman villians would be interesting choices.  Hugo Strange is the most well known of those.  Dr.Death might seem like the same thing as Strange to some, but I'd make Strange like a Moriarty or Cornelius Kramm figure, and Dr.Death a more typical mad Scientist.

But I personally would be most interested in seeing The Monk (ReImagined a few times since.).  He'd be perfect for a Halloween episode, create a Vampire Panic in Gotham, but it turns out to be a naturally explained in the end.....  or is it?

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