Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Value of Filler Episodes, thoughts on Sailor Moon Crystal

As they air it's popular on Internet message boards to complain about filler episodes, and want them to get back to the plot.  The thing is filler episodes may not advance the plot-line but they do develop or at least explore the characters.  So when one looks back a decade or two later, the most memorable nostalgic moments often come from filler episodes.

The 90s Sailor Moon Anime is one often made fun of for having an insane amount of filler.  A 13 Act Manga Arc, becomes  like 40 episodes.  That's a Thousand minutes of television to sit through.

Sailor Moon Crystal has 7 episodes now, and as of the end Sailor Venus has made her introduction.  Clearly much different pacing.  It's following the manga much more directly.

I like it, it's visually awesome, and each character individually is perfect.  But the problem is I don't feel enough chemistry has developed between the characters.  On the old show I bought their bond in every scene.  The reason the DiC dub still worked despite it's annoying censorship problems is because it also captured that.

Crystal simply doesn't have the time to achieve that.  Each episode Earth shattering plot developments happen, and they have like 5 minutes to talk about it before be the Negaverse has them all in peril again.

I'm enjoying it, but it's missing that key spark.

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