Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bethany Young is a Red Herring

Everyone is thinking that if the show does do the Twin thing then Bethany is Ali's Twin.  However she clearly seems to have been older then Ali.

I know a lot of people are convinced Ali won't have a Twin, just accepting everything we're told in interviews about them not going there.  Even though they effectively said the same things about Mona.

Like with Mona it won't be the same way, I don't think we'll learn that the Ali the girls were friends with was never the one originally named Ali but the crazy person who should have been institutionalized.  At least I certainly don't think she tried to kill her.

It's popular to say the whole Soul Swapping with CeCe thing was done in place of having a Twin.  I think on a psychological level that further proves Ali is a twin.  I think she's probably not consciously aware she has a Twin but is definitely subconsciously aware, and so she latched onto CeCe to play the role of her Twin.

In the Christmas special Ali asks if the other dress was for Bethany and Mona says it won't be that easy.  That is effectively proof to me the dress wasn't for Bethany.

Let's start with the mystery of Toby's Mom's death.  Everyone was thinking that story-line was useless filler, but I knew from the start that that was how we'd eventually get to Ali's twin.   And learning Jessica was on Radley's board only made me 100% certain.

Then when Bethany was tied to that mystery, the first intended assumption was that Bethany pushed her.  But as stated on the show it makes no sense that she'd be mad at Jessica over that.

In the recording of Bethany from 5:12 she says Jessica had lied to her.  Here's what I'm thinking.

NO!  Jessica was not Bethany's mother, she just lead her to believe that for some reason.  But Jessica's real investment in Radley was always Ali's Twin.  Bethany is, it seems, younger then Jason, it's pretty silly really think Jessica hid that pregnancy form Kenneth.

Bethany said "Both of them" and Spencer just assumed the other of the them was Ali, but I think it's the Twin.

Bethany knew that the Twin had pushed Toby's Mom and Jessica had covered it up, and that lead her to realize she'd been deceived.

I don't know whether Bethany and the Twin escaped at the same time or separately, if separately I'm thinking the Twin may have gotten out sooner and then forged that letter from Ali to lure Bethany.

I think it was Ali's twin who tried to kill Ali.  I'm not sure what exactly I think about who killed Bethany, it might have always been the Twin's plan to kill both Ali and Bethany.

And I think the twin Killed Jessica too.  A lot of people were speculating on that murder as if it's another filler mystery, and that it's probably either Kenneth or Veronica.  But if it was another filler mystery it'd have been solved by the mid-season point like Maya and Wilden's were.

Why would Jessica be keeping this a secret?  Why act like it's a threat to her marriage?  I'm thinking maybe Kenneth isn't the father of the Twins.  A little known fact about genetics is that people who are twins are genetically more likely to have twins.  I'm thinking Jessica cheated on Kenneth with someone who is a twin and was afraid the fact that she had twins would give that away.

If this theoretical twin father of Ali is supposed to be important, I'm thinking perhaps he's the Twin brother of Toby's mom.

One more random thought if they wanted to really shake things up.  Ali's Twin is Lucas' mysterious girlfriend form the 100th Episode.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get your facts straight, CNN


I can't find this video on Youtube, it was hilarious.

Finally found the video online

I'll see if I can Embed it here
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Spencer Hastings has the same initials as Sherlock Holmes.

It is in fact meaningful when a fictional characters has the same initials of an older more well established fictional and/or historical and/or mythological character.  There is a reason countless fictional spies have the initials J.B.  And John Conner has the initials J.C.

It shouldn’t have taken me this long to notice this.  I’d been comparing Spencer to Sherlock Holmes for awhile, especially after she deduced a phone number from a parrots chirping (I also thought of Batman of course).  And last season's stimulant addiction storyline just further codified it.  She’s the real modern Sherlock Holmes, not Elementary, not that BBC show, not Robert Downy Jr. not even Gregory House.  Spencer Hastings is truly the greatest Great Detective.

And then there is her older sibling and also possibly the only person on Earth smarter then her, Melissa Hastings also has the same initials as Mycroft Holmes.

I suppose that makes her Watson the other 3 Liars, and Tobey her Irene Adler.

If you want to really chase this analogy down the rabbit hole, it shouldn’t be to difficult to guess who would be moriArty.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

PLL Christmas Special reaction

The episode was fantastic, I loved it.

I'm certain Holbrook was not the one kissing Ali, that's a mislead, they're not gonna rehash the whole crooked Cop angle a third time.  I stand by the theory I posted not to long ago.

Heather's recap was cool as usual.

The whole thing about telling Ali she’s going to Hell really bothered me. Reminds me of what lats year I hated how AHS Coven ended and how TVD ended Katherine’s story-lines.

The Gothic horror of the 18th and 19th centuries was usually written by Universalists. I"m not a Universalist, but I simply prefer the horror in a horror story to end when the character dies, leave the after life out of it please.

I'm bugs me that Paige is being put on a Bus again.

The show was awesome over all because everything I love about PLL, everything Fevalian about it, was up to 11.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tales of The Shadowmen Volume 11 is now ready to order

I'm still Alphabetically last.  My story in this volume is much shorter then the last one.

I have a theory about Holbrook and Roma Mafia

So the assumption has been that they're suspicious of the Liars.  But I have a different idea.

I think they know full well that they're trying to solve this mystery on their own, and just letting them.  Because they, doing it unofficially, don't have the Red Tape that the cops have.  And an official consulting detective is supposed to have the same restrictions.  But this way they can have plausible deniability of all the illegal things done, yet still hope to benefit from their work.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A quote from Paul Feval

In a letter written in 1861 to the Baron de Chapuys-Montlaville, Paul Feval defended popular fiction by saying.
"That insignificant literature sometimes has higher aspiration, but it never declares them, and that is the secret of its power."
The above quote was made available for English speaking readers in Alain Landier's introduction to Black Coat Press's Shadowmen 2: Heroes and Villians of French Comics, edited by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier.  Which I read early last year (2013).

I've often thought of that quote of Paul Feval recently when reading Heather Hogan's Pretty Little Liars recaps, or listening to the BrosWatchPLLToo podcast.

It's a show that some people find easy to write off.  But is none the less very awesome.

Since I discovered Paul Feval, and other 19th century Feuilletonists like Ponson and Sue and Dumas, but mostly Feval in 2012, I've seen his fingerprints, his/their indirect influence on all modern Popular Fiction, from the Pulps to Comics, to CW television shows, and of course numerous Hollywood and made for TV movies, and in Anime and Manga too.

But I feel nothing today is more Fevalian then Pretty Little Liars.  That show is pure Rocambolesque.  It takes itself incredibly seriously and not seriously at all at the same time, it's wonderful.  A perfect Melodrama.

Alison is like a teenage Marguerite Sadalous, and Mona is like a female John Devil.

I may or may not be the only Tales of The Shadowmen contributor who's familiar with the show.

I also feel like commenting on how Brian Stableford said in his afterward for The Blackcoats: Heart of Steel that the book is "Unintentionally proto-feminist".  It's a very good and informative afterward and I recommend it.  The only thing I might partly disagree with is the "unintentionally" part, though not entirely.

Feval was a devout Catholic and Royalist, which made him a Conservative in the context of 19th century French politics.  And as such clearly saw traditional gender roles as important.  But at the same time this wasn't the only novel where he (and other 19th century french catholic royalists like Ponson) had surprisingly strong and active female characters.

Feval and Ponson supported the Nobility on traditionalist grounds.  But they also seemed to feel that the Nobles brought their downfall on themselves.  They would not be like a modern Fox News pundits going "How dare you accuse the rich of being greedy and selfish".

And as I read about Echalot and Similor in the Blackcoats saga, I feel compelled to conclude that Feval would be surprisingly supportive of LGBT people.  I don't think he'd object to the internet Slash-Shipping his characters.