Thursday, December 11, 2014

PLL Christmas Special reaction

The episode was fantastic, I loved it.

I'm certain Holbrook was not the one kissing Ali, that's a mislead, they're not gonna rehash the whole crooked Cop angle a third time.  I stand by the theory I posted not to long ago.

Heather's recap was cool as usual.

The whole thing about telling Ali she’s going to Hell really bothered me. Reminds me of what lats year I hated how AHS Coven ended and how TVD ended Katherine’s story-lines.

The Gothic horror of the 18th and 19th centuries was usually written by Universalists. I"m not a Universalist, but I simply prefer the horror in a horror story to end when the character dies, leave the after life out of it please.

I'm bugs me that Paige is being put on a Bus again.

The show was awesome over all because everything I love about PLL, everything Fevalian about it, was up to 11.

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