Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gotham and PLL 2015 premier TV reactions

Family issues have me busy right now, so I'll be doing this weeks reactions for the Gotham and PLL mid-season premiers together.

Gotham had the Electrocutionor, one of three lower tier Batman civilians I always remember first and foremost for being one of the three used as bosses in the NES video game for the 89 Batman movie.  Which was an unusually good licensed game.

In that Game he's very much a muscle villain, someone you fight who had very electrical weapons. On Gotham he seems to be like how Hugo Strange is done in modern depictions.

Montoya'a behavior confuses me.  I'm much more confused by Barbara, dumping Gordon and then jumping into bed with Renee then getting mad that Gordon might have a new Girlfriend.

I'm excited to see Ivy and Cat hanging out.

As for PLL, it was a far more excellently intense and emotional episode then I can articulate.

Sasha is so great, you really feel sorry for Ali in this episode in-spite of all she's done.  I've always been the kind of fan who wants to think the best of Alison, I'm certain everything she's done since coming back has to be to protect her friend, seeing them turn on her is really heart breaking.

Hanna only pretend to be Dumb, which has been a fan theory for so long I find it really lame.  No matter how SAT smart she may be I'll never buy that she is smarter then Spencer.

I guess Calab is going to train Aria to be a hacker.

What I find most curious is how Ali only has a 1 on 1 scene with Aria this episode.  It's also only Aria who is bothered at all by -A, or we assume that's -A anyway.

That Ali would tell Jason her friends are framing her is hard to explain.  Unless of corse this episode lends itself to the Aria as -A theory?

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