Thursday, February 5, 2015

Additional thoughts on the latest PLL episode

If the thing about Holbroock and Internal affairs is true it means Tanner was suspicious of him well before what Toby told her. Which gives a new insight on things.
I think Veronica knew 100% Spencer went through her stuff. I”m wondering if she maybe even planned that.
That stopwatch wish reminds me of my old theory about the Time-Stone I mentioned on Twitter.
I maintain my theory that Bethany was talking about Ali's Twin
I'm starting to suspect that the writers now our wise to s never suspecting who the show official suspects. And that maybe Ali really is guilty. Especially if they are gonna do a 5 year jump.  But that is still only in relation to Mona's murder and/or being the current -A.  Not to whatever happened "That Night".

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