Monday, February 23, 2015

Gotham Red Hood Reaction

"One Hood to rule them all, One Hood to find them, One Hood to bring them all and in The Darkness Bind Them"

This Red Hood episode was great.  The opening was hilarious.

The first Red Hood was definitely referencing Heat with that talk about it being the Banks money not the costumers.  Heat of course was also notoriously being homaged by the opening Bank robbery of The Dark Knight, which this was also reminiscent of.

When he threw the money to the people I immediately thought of the Parade sequence from Batman89.

The talk about the one criminal always checking his watch had me thinking Clockking, but like Professor Big that wasn't where they met.

Barbara hitting on Selena I think we were supposed to find Creepy, but I ship it.

They literally put someone in a Fridge, but it was a male.

Destro was just in general not as good at the theatrics of being The Red Hood.

Fish is really losing it.

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