Monday, February 9, 2015

Gotham Scarecrow TV reaction

It was snowing and wasn't a Christmas special.  It always amuses me how on TV it seems to only snow for Christmas and New Years.  So I was quite surprised at seeing that, however brief.

I didn't do last week, I figured since Crane is getting a two parter it fits.  But in general I can't guarantee I'll be doing Gotham every week.

Maroni and Falcone need more scenes together, they're amusing Goodfellas.

I have a feeling whoever has Fish might have something to do with that Dollmaker loose end from the second episode.

Pequin and Riddler together were hilariously awkward, I loved it.

I was thinking we were gonna see Bruce fall down that cave to meet his Bat Dæmon.  But it didn't happen.  As I said before I would rather seem them end the show with the scene in the study.

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