Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Here is why I'm upset about the upcoming Supergirl show

I'd been thinking for awhile, and had expressed on IMDB, how I kind of don't trust a channel other then the CW or ABC Family to do a Teen or Young Adult hour long Drama.  Other Networks are all about being "Adult".  Especially the non Cabel ones.  And Glee has no appeal to me.  CBS in particular is a channel that seems to care only about Cop and Lawyer shows.

Then I read that this Supergirl show will start with her being already 24.  And I was like THAT'S NOT SUPERGIRL, THAT'S SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the Supergirl stories I like from the Comics, from all the various incarnations of Supergirl, are all set with her either in High School or Collage.

It's like her being a female Superman is all they really cared about.  24 is literally the same age Clark Kent was when Smallville ended.

Supergirl was an opportunity to do something like the Early Seasons of Smallville but without the extended Prequel burden or the No Flights no Tights limitation.

I think that's the source of the problem though.  Smallville even though it is by any objective standard the most successful Comic Book based TV show of all time.  Is for some reason known for it's Hatedom rather then it's Fandom.  So they don't want to be confused with Smallville.  But instead they're just gonna create a show more likely to resemble later Smallvile then early Smallville, which is when the show's quality took a nose dive.

They should have done Powergirl with the premise described for this show.  But that name isn't as marketable.

Supergirl being a Female Superman is a small part of her appeal.  It's also being a Younger version of the character.  Supergirl could've been the new Buffy or Secret World of Alex Mack.  Or Pretty Little Liars with Superpowers.  Any of those would have been interesting.  I wanted the drama of her possibly going to school with Nastalia Luther or Lena Thorul.

But making it so the character's only difference from Superman is being a female Hero just draws attention to how they could have instead given a chance to a Superheroine that isn't linked by name to a male hero.  Like Stargirl, or Zatana, or Black Canary, or heck just given another try to a Wonder Woman pilot.

First Teen Titans ticks me off that it won't have Donna Troy, and now this.  And Gotham as much as I love it keeps screwing over Montoya.  At least Flash is good and Arrow is improving.

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