Thursday, February 19, 2015

I was mentioned in the Gotham Podcast

I am quite glad they enjoyed my Emily Fields suggestion.  May or may not have realized I meant it partly as a reference to how Talia has a similar look.

There was another thing latter then replied to.  I made other comment sin Chat, many were just repeating what I said in my last Gotham post on this blog.

One was something I expanded on in a comment on a DC TV Talk post.
I think it’s possible that Gotham’s Barbara is a merger of Barbara and Kate Kane and that she’ll become Batwoman
The last name they’ve given her is similar. And she has the Romantic link to Renee Montoya.
Plus is thematically works since she’s the mother of Batgirl
What made Jerome work as a good possible Joker to me is the emphasize on how freaked out Tompkins was by him.   I want The Joker to be a force that brings out the worst in others around him.
"When villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories"

The Joker needs to come off as an unfathomable even even to people who deal with horrible psychopaths all the time.  And sometimes spread madness like a plague.  That's why I love about The Joker Blogs.

I want to see Montoya be a good Detective and ally to Gordon.

I honestly don't like her being The Question.  I feel like Comics sometimes take their crossoverness to far.  Someone introduced as a Batman side character becoming a successor to a character that was originally a completely different company is really lame to me.  I'm a fan of Montoya because of who she was before Infinite Crisis.  If they want to homage her Question future just have her meet Vic Sage.

I want Barbara to have marry Gordon and have Barbara II before the end of Season 2.  I don't want them putting that off forever.  Then have and Gordon get divorced.  Then have her become Batwoman like I suggested.

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