Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's give Wand of Gamelon it's due

I've never played the Zelda or Mario CDi Games, I can tell however from the game-play footage that I would hate trying to.  Fact is the gaming industry wasn't ready yet for the transition to CD rather then cartridge based games.

Still it fascinates me that two of these three games were the first to ever have Zelda be playable.  Canonical Nintendo games wouldn't have her playable in an actual Zelda game till Hyrule Warriors, though she'd been becoming more then just a Damsel in Distress since A Link to The Past.

The animated cut scenes are lame and awkwardly done.  They of course have a certain Charm because of their Narm.  But in all seriousness I do rather like Zelda's characterization in Wand of Gamelon.  She's not as goofy as the others, as if they were trying to give her an Only Sane Man quality.  And interestingly Link in Faces of Evil never had a moment as Bad@$$ as this scene.
She looks pretty cool the way she holds that sword there.

WoG also has a slightly more developed plot.  FoE everything you need to know is really in just the beginning and ending scenes, and one other in-between where Ganon does the actual kidnapping of Zelda.  WoG has interesting developments with Duke Onkled and Alma.

WoG I feel is an interesting premise for a game, that could have been executed much better.  I'm thinking since it's more popular then ever for fans online to make Hack/Homebrew video games maybe someone should try remaking this game's story using Zelda II or ALttP sprites and game-play mechanics.  Maybe incorporate the original cut scenes, or maybe not.  Maybe just muting Link would make a big difference.

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