Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PLL getting back on Tract

I've been reluctant to admit that I was a little Disappointed in the last few episodes.  Since I'd proclaimed this my favorite show of all time about a year ago, and had been calling it the best show currently on Television for awhile before that.

The Christmas Special and the winter premier both had my on the edge of my seat as usual, but I'd after that I'd been finding the whole routine with Aly in Prison tiresome.

But this week's episode was an Improvement, now that Mike is the red herring rather then Holbroock.  Tanner being onto Holbroock the whole time also makes me feel angry about her reaction to Toby last week.

Their shaking up of the Romantic staus quo is also finally start to feel interesting.

Still the show is a ways away from being as awesome as 4b was.

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