Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Flash TV Reaction

So I haven't been doing the Flash for these yet, but I have been watching it.  I've decided to start at least occasionally covering The Flash.  I will be doing another Gotham related post either tonight or tomorrow.

The Flash is a more clearly focused show then Gotham.  But I'm a life long Bat-Fan since before I knew what Comic Books were, so my mind will forever be drawn to favor whatever is Bat related.

I love that they are alluding to things like the Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Red Skies and all.

Barry and those his age are not Teenagers, yet it seems to oddly carry the aesthetics of a Teen show at times.  Something I have no problem with at all.

Last week we heard Grodd speak, and it was awesome.  I just hope once he has real characterization it's done well, no hint yet that he is an intellectual equal to any Human criminal mastermind.

Is Wells a Reverse-Flash we know from the Comics or merely some Proto-character?  I have a feeling we're being mislead and that maybe he is not the Yellow Speedster who killed Barry's Mom.  For awhile in 1.a I was liking the idea of him as The Monitor.

I can't wait for the Golden Glider.

Malese Jow is great as Linda, she is my Favorite Actress.

One question I have is how are more people going to become Meta-Humans in the future?

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