Friday, March 13, 2015

Another Star Wars post

A meandering Star Wars post which I added to this blog in January quickly became the most viewed post on this blog, bumping down the Yellow Peril and Dracula post to second place, dwarfing it's views.

I guess that speaks to the Power of Star Wars.  But it could also have a lot to do with being mentioned on an episode of the Greedo Shot First podcast.  They of course humbly proclaimed me that podcast's only confirmed listener, but I can't be the only BrosWatchPLLToo fan to check it out.

It was not the first Star Wars post on this blog, but the older ones were me copy/pasting much earlier rants from back when Tumblr was my only blog.  

My most popular posts on my other blogs remains The Bible does not Condemn homosexuality.  I've promoted that quite aggressively.  Any lame excuse to link someone to it I take.

I'm hoping I'll get more comments on this blog now that I've added Disqus.

Now to SW news.

The first spin off film is Rogue Squadron.  Unlike the GSF bros I was kinda only really interested in a Bounty Hunter themed film with Boba Fett.  This idea is essential just more Rebels fighting The Empire isn't it?

Felicity Jones is the lead. Rogue Squandron has them been labeled the first Female Lead SW film.  But I'm pretty certain Daisy Ridley is the lead in Episode VII.  Whoever is the Skywalker must be the lead because the Episodes are first and foremost the story of the Skywalker family.  She's the one at least seemingly native to Tatooine like Anakin and Luke were, and she looks like Padme.  My Money is on her of the trio being the Skywalker and/or Solo offspring and thus the lead.

Which brings me to Episode VIII. 

Releasing it in May 2017 is a really a bad idea, done just to cash on it being the 40th Anniversary. Like rushing an Omen remake just to make 6/6/06.

The actual episodes should stick with being 3 years apart. If the films are what they should be they'll be worth the wait, if not then they've failed.

With cutting the time between the Episodes in half, Plus doing the spin off movies, that's a Star Wars film every year. People will get sick of Star Wars real fast.

Disney has let Marvel handle things how they should, but they're gonna milk Star Wars dry.

And if you're gonna go "Marvel and DC can release multiple films every year so can Star Wars".  Marvel and DC are the company brand-names that own multiple franchises.  Each one potentially could be as big as Star Wars on it's own.  The two biggest Comic Book Superheroes in fact are each on their own bigger then Star Wars.

In 1977 Batman and Superman had been around nearly 30 years and had had hit TV shows and Cartoons. Between Episodes IV and V Superman had 2 epic movies.  Batman has been the one constant in my life of ever evolving Nerdy interests.  I said before I wasn't a SW till The Phantom Menace, I'd been a Batman fan already for a decade.

While the EU was massive it was only ever marketed to the super hardcore fans.  Lucas made a point not to over expose Star Wars.  However much tie in merchandising stuff there was, a Big Screen movie was an event when one happened.  Now Episode VIII comes out only five months after Rogue Squadron.

It seems Disney's goal is to make Star Wars alone as big as Marvel, but it won't work, I guarantee it.

Episode VIII will be filming already when VII comes out this December.  That simply won't feel right.

The teaser succeeded in opening my mind to possibly accepting Abrams SW.  But Disney's overkill may have just undermined all that.

Episode VII will be a big event as the first Live Action Star Wars film in over a decade.  And the return of Iconic characters we hadn't seen in over 3 decades.  But if it's gonna compete with the event Episode I was what's next needs to be a complete mystery when we leave that Cinema.  If we've already seen leaked stills of the next Episode it won't work.  

Heck we'll probably know for certain going in who does and doesn't survive the film (I was hoping Episode VII would kill off at least one of the returning core 3 of the OT).

In happier news I'm excited to see Ashoka Tano show up on Rebels.  I want to see her and Vader have a confrontation when she learns Vader is Anakin.  It can be a fun parallel to Empire Strikes Back.  Like the now non canonical Force Unleashed, stuff set between Episodes III and IV continue to use Senator Organa as the Big Good.  My bet is he's deliberately keeping who Vader is from Ashoka.

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