Saturday, March 14, 2015

Caitlin Snow on The Flash


Spoiler Warning!!!!  If you are a Flash viewer not familiar with the comics what I talk about in this post could be considered spoilers.

In the long history of works of Popular Fiction being adapted from or supplementary to previous works introducing a character as a good guy, a friend and ally, who fans know eventually becomes a villain,  The use of Caitlin Snow, the future Killer Frost, on CW's The Flash is perhaps the most unusual.

Nothing about the writing of the character seems to foreshadow that.  One of two lines of dialogue have jokingly foreshadowed her getting Ice Based superpowers, but not turning Evil.  She hasn't been shown to have a Darkside, and is maybe arguably the most morally stable person working at Star Labs.

There is also the fact that Killer Frost is more of a Firestorm villain then a Flash one.  Which means so far the villain of that future rivalry has gotten more screen-time then the hero, since she's the Series regular who's been in every Episode.

Maybe it's not to implausible to think her morality would change greatly simply from getting those powers, and their drawback.  Killer Frost is essentially a type of parasite, she's been called a Heat-Vampire.  She needs to absorb Heat from others in order to stay alive, and Firestorm is the only person she can do that to without killing them.  Needing to harm others in order to live would be a difficult thing to deal with.

The show probably doesn't intent to portray her as being incredibly Evil.  She'll probably be a sympathetic and tragic antagonist.

Since Firewstorm is going to be one of the main focuses on that new DC Comics Arrow/Flash spin off CW is making, I'm kinda surprised they didn't mention Caitlin being involved too.  She certainly still could be.

I am currently theorizing that show will wind up being called The Brave and The Bold.

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