Sunday, March 1, 2015

DC Cinematic Multiverse

I'm now more excited by what DC is doing on TV then what either is doing on the Big Screen.

Not because of any lack of excitement for the movies, certainly as each movie (excluding Fox ones) nears release they'll be what at the time I'm most Geeking out over  And Batman Vs Superman once it's actually approaching I predict I will be the most intensely excited I have been for a movie since 2008.

But TV I've said for a long time has the potential to do Comic Book mythos far more justice then Movies, and DC is finally realizing that.  The Flash season 1 alone is going to give us in less then 9 months more screen time of Comic Booky goodness then the entirety of Phase 1 of the MCU gave us in 4 years.  6 movies, 5 were 2 hours one was rounding up 2 and a half makes 12 and a half hours.  An Episode of Flash is minus commercials 40 minutes, so 3 episodes makes 2 hours.  So 12 and a half hours of screen time will be reached during episode 19.  It'll be the same with every other show that gets at least a 20 episode season.

Why am I not as excited for Marvel on TV?  Because Marvel's shared universe approach means TV only gets the left overs.  I did enjoy season one of AoS, especially the Winter Soldier tie in storyline, that was Historic.  And I enjoyed Agent Carter, but it was still mostly just the supporting cast of First Avenger, plus some generic Cold War nonsense.

I'm glad DC is not simply doing the same thing as Marvel.  I'm glad they are doing a connected Universe on the big Screen but with a different approach.  But I'm also glad the TV shows get to be separate.  Not just from the movies but also from each other.  CW has it's own mini DC Universe going now, but neither Gotham or Supergirl are gonna fit into that.  And probably not Teen Titans either.  I know some people are holding for Supergirl and the CW shows being connected because of the CBS-CW relationship, but Supergirl is going to have a Superman established for awhile, which won't fit The Flash's premise.

But because DC has the long established in the comics Multiverse premise, it means the options still exists for them to something down the road.  Keeping it so each universe can day to do not worry about any continuity restrictions but their own.

After all the currently green-lite DC movies are done, maybe they could consider an Crisis on Infinite Earths and/or Infinite Crisis inspired story, perhaps as 3 films filmed at once.  Where they could bring the various TV show universes into it.

Because of the nature of the Crisis none of the shows would have to acknowledge it in their continuity if they didn't want to  But The Flash has already established a Crisis as part of it's future.  2021 is when I believe it's supposed to happen, that is after all the already announced JLA movies will be over.  So, who knows, maybe WB/DC already considers that in the cards.

In the comics there were many universe crossovers before the Big Crisis, they'd been going on since the 60s.  But the key thing that really matters is the concept of first Contact being made by two Flashes.  So could Ezra Miller guest start on The Flash in it's 6th or 7th Season?

Update: I'd misremembered, on The Flash the Crisis will happen in 2024, they gave themselves a decade.

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