Thursday, March 26, 2015

My thoughts on Welcome to the Dollhouse

After sitting on it awhile, I loved it, it was an intense Finale, total Homage to The Prisoner.

It did not seem like it was really Mona's face to me at first., it was to creepy and weird looking.

Mona counting down the seconds in her head when the Power is out reminds me of Code Geass season 2, when Lelouch confronts Rollo and he had been counting the seconds in his head that whole time.

Spencer as usual is totally Sherlock Holmes.  She did the full on Mind Palace thing just like on Sherlock.

Spencer and Mona are like Tony Stark in a cave with scraps.

I loved seeing the Hastings finally put Tanner in her place.

It just so happens I'd been into listening to Natasha Bedingford recently, kind of inspired by Attack on Titan videos on Youtube.  Unwritten is one of her best.

I didn't notice Campbell being Andrews last name and the farm name at first, maybe Chalres father is Andrew's father and Andrew and Charles are half brothers.

They way he almost let Spencer unmask him is kinda like Michael Myers in some Halloween movies.

Charles killed Marion Cavannah.

Some people theorized that Jason being played by two different actors is factor.

I believe Charles is either Wren or Wilden is alive.

Charles being Trans wold bug me only because of the possible unfortunate implications.  Also if "he" were a Trans-Woman I don't think she'd have been dressing so Masculinly.

I still think Veronica killed Jessica.

I still think Pastor Ted has a connection to Wilden and the NAT Club.

As for Mona being Alive.  The explanation for her body being seen in the Trunk is that she was drugged.  I can't be that.  Her skin was turning grey, just like when we saw Garret dead.  I'm afraid that is unavoidably a plot hole.

But it has been pointed out that Grunwald's sensing of where Mona was is still accurate.  I remember people speculating at the time that that could have an alternate meaning.

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