Monday, March 16, 2015

Pastor Ted is shady as Frak

I'm strongly growing to suspect that Pastor Ted is either on the -ATeam and/or the mysterious benefactor that was behind the NAT club/Detective Wilden.

If it wasn't the all knowing -A who leaked to the prosecution Jason's affair with Ashley, Ted is the only person who could have.

Going back to early in Season 3, when he gives Ashley the Flashdrive with the NAT videos and says it was just found.  You guys never sweep your Bell Tower?

I don't wanna retread to much of what I suspect other Ted is -A theorists have overanlayized.  Instead I have a probably unique twist on Ted being villainous.

When he talked in the latest episode about the old ladies in his congregations grabbing the news out of the air.  It didn't seem like he thought much of them.  Like he's stereotyping the conservative old ladies in his congregation the same way an Atheist would.  I agree that Gossiping within the Church is unhealthy behavior, I enjoy listening to Chuck Missler talk about it.  But that did not seem like his tone.  He seemed just plain dismissive of his flock.

Let's also go back to the Halloween train episode.  The Bros Watch PLL Too bros mostly mocked the idea of him not believing in "Ghosts" when hes' supposed to believe in God.

I'm aware however that Bible believing Christians are not supposed to believe the spirits of dead humans wander the Earth, they are all either in Sheol or in Heaven, waiting for their inevitable Resurrection.

But a Bible Believing Christians should be prepared for the possibly that Demonic Spirits may pretend to be "Ghosts".  The Biblical term popularly affiliated with Demons that do that would be "Familiar Spirits".  So indeed his outright dismissiveness that something paranormal could have happened isn't unheard among Protestants who are Ceasationists and thus want to avoid those issues.  But it is in my opinion the wrong attitude for a Christian.

The Bros have also mocked how every-time we see the promotional sign for the town Church, the Quote on it never seems to be a Bible Quote, but something more obscure and pretentious (and Secular).  And you can be obscure and pretentious with The Bible is you want, it's a big book most of which most people have never read.

So what I'm thinking is not that he's an evil Christian, but that he's secretly not a Christian at all.  That he's like what Cavil on Battlestar Galactica was originally meant to represent.  An Atheist Priest.

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