Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Host

I really enjoyed, it was a great, well made and well acted film.

I’m not familiar with the Book, nor have I read anything else from the Author.  But I have seen 3 out of 5 Twilight movies.  I found the first of those kinda boring but I thoroughly enjoyed new Moon and Eclipse.  The Host is a much better movie then any of those however.  It doesn't have any of the flaws that bother me in Twilight’s premise.

For anyone who naively assumes it’s just like Twilight.  Like Twilight it is first and foremost a Love Story.  But unlike Twilight the romantic male-female pairings are secondary.  It’s the relationship between Melanie and Wanda that is the driving force of the film, and it’s Beautiful.

As a Sci-Fi film it’s pretty interesting, very different from past takes on on body snatching Alien invaders.  It’s a much deeper more intelligent film then the original Star Wars trilogy, but not as exciting as the Prequels.  Can’t compete with Star Trek at it’s best, but better then a lot of Star Trek episodes and certainly far superior to Abrams Trek.

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