Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm sick of this alleged Marvel/DC contrast

There is a contrast obviously, but it's being greatly exaggerated. As if there was never anything serious in the Marvel films and never any humor in DC films.

I LOLed constantly during the Nolan trilogy and MoS. And I was quite deeply emotionally moved by Guardians of the Galaxy, and really sunk my teeth into the political message of Winter Solider.  Let's not forget that on TV Gotham and The Flash are both more flamboyant then the AoS, and Daredevil is grittier then any DC show.  In the 60s, 70s and even 80s to start with at least the contrast was the opposite.

By the time Batman V Superman actually comes out this contrast will be forgotten, because Civil War will be the main movie Marvel is hyping, and that will be a Dark story, darker then any DC film ever has been or will be. There is no way to make it a family friendly film. And I suspect Age of Ultron will have a fairly bleak ending to set the stage for that.

The conflict will not be a misunderstanding between Batman and Superman that is inevitably resolved by them coming together against the real villain. The Heroes will legitimately be murdering each other over an ideological disagreement. And frankly I hate it, I hated it in the comics and I hate that they're shoehorning into the MCU.

To me the main reason DC's 2016 Spring season Blockbuster will be better is precisely because it won't be as unnecessarily dark and violent in ways that bastardize the characters, sucking all the likability out of heroes we love and for at least one outright vilifying them.

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