Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gotham's first season is over

I'm not sure what I think.

They didn't Fridge Barbara in the sense of killing her off, but I am conflicted.

The notion some people have that she's not completely irredeemable is absurd.  I even still think her becoming Batwoman is still possible.

Fish's fate was left ambiguous.

Their interpretation of Riddler has decided to go with the whole he doesn't actually want to be compelled to leave clues behind rout, making him sort of OCD.  Which I have always hated, I prefer a Riddler who for him the Riddle Game is the end and the crimes are merely the means to an end.

The show remains incredibly fun to watch, I have a feeling they may be heading into Court of Owls territory now.

They better give Renee Montoya something to do next year.

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