Thursday, May 14, 2015

Supergirl Trailer

Before I discus the Trailer, let's discus the air-date.

I had said I wanted it to air AFTER Gotham, a Bat show and Super show on the same day would be awesome.  But now it's announced that Supergirl will be airing AGAINST Gotham, and I'm WTF, CBS why would you do that, you have lots of time slots not against another Superhero show.

The Trailer has it's Haters, but I enjoyed it.  I said in an earlier post how this show seems to basically have Cat promoted to Perry and Jimmy promoted to Lois.  The trailer confirms what I was suspecting that this future Toyman is basically the usual Jimmy role.

Only things I didn't like was the Lesbian comments, because I really like to see Supergirl as a Lesbian in my Headcanon.

I like that the costume goes through phases, and we will get to see those Super Legs some.

Some haters are comparing it to that recent SNL Black Widow parody trailer.  That was a Joke because Black Widow is a Spy character.  What I like about the Superhero genre is that it's so easy to combine with other genres.  Batman can be a Mob film or a Crime Thriller, Winter Solider was a political thriller, and we have mythology films and space films.  So yes I think a Devil Wears Prada with Superheroes is a valid thing to try, I don't think a Superheroine needs to be Masculinized to be credible.  If you want Supergirl to be a fierce Warrior Goddess, well sorry but that's Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot is gonna give us that awesomely on the big screen, I don't need Supergirl to be the same.

I like the thoughts the people at SupergirlRadio had.

The scene towards the end where Jimmy is telling Kara about Superman's plan and gives her the cape, I feel like that confirms my theory that Superman has died.  That's the emotional vibe I got from it.

It looks like it's gonna be a fun show.

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