Monday, June 29, 2015

Prequel Nostalgia is coming sooner then you might think

Think about it Jurassic World has been a massive success (in-spite of some people's whining) largely because Jurassic Park is now a film people look back on Nostalgically.  20 years latter tends to be a common benchmark for that.

Well The Phantom Menace will be 20 years old in only four years.

I've personally been proclaiming it and other 1999 films what I'm most Nostalgic for for at least five years now.  Since then as I've gotten even older what I look back on Nostalgically has expanded to include Episodes II and III, as well as all three LOTR films, hence why I loved experiencing The Hobbit movies so much in-spite of some of my complaints, most of which were purely about Desolation of Smaug.

Maybe that's why Disney is so determined not to have 3 years between films now.  They don't want to be running SW off a purely OT Nostalgia based franchise to deep into the time Nostalgia for the Prequels will be jumping off.  I think they are running a major risk burning out SW by having not even a year and a half between Episodes, and that's not including the spin offs.

Maybe once this Trilogy is done Disney is planning to do some Prequel based SW projects.

The people at Disney aren't complete idiots, I think it's unwise how they are catering to Prequel haters now, but there is a reason they're being subtle about it.  I think they do know the Prequel fans are a massive market, maybe's they are just holding off on trying to tap that till they think the timing is just right.

If not, if they are really planning to keep this only the OT matters approach going indefinitely.  It will still be past 2019 when Episode IX comes out.  That is when I expect this lack of respect for Prequel fans could start really biting them.

But at any-rate as I said before the New Trilogy needs to bring more Nostalgia to the table if it wants to truly bring new life to Star Wars.  Wouldn't matter which aspects of SW the Nostalgia is based on.

Update after seeing The Force Awakens, no spoilers.

The Movie was not like it's marketing, it embraced the Prequel and this person who feels Nostalgia for the Prequels felt this movie spoke to me just as much as the OT fans do.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My PLL Season 6 theorizing begins

This Charles mystery is getting intriguing.

1. I am suspicious that Andrew was cleared so quickly, and they hardly explained everything that made him a suspect.  His explanation makes it sound like this started only once the girls were kidnapped.  It might be they are plotting to pull a Scream.

2, In episode 3 when "Charles" threatened Sarah, the message said "someone will die", which is odd terminology considering he was apparently threatening someone very specific.

Rosewood is often a place where everything seems right by each other, but Sarah got out of bed and both started and finished a shower before the girls finished rushing to Emily's house?

3. The Dress thing from the Christmas episode continues to make Charles being Trans an option.  Going that way could have a lot of troubling unfortunate implications.  But at the same time if someone like Cece were a trans woman it'd be a helpful representation in that people are used to thinking of Trans individuals as always turning out to be a very unappealing example of the Gender they identify with.

4. Spencer is Awesome

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lovecraftian Pokemon

Because of the Anime people have a notion in their heads that all Pokemon are basically good, even the ones that seem to be designed to look like The Devil or Demons.  They can be chaotic and destructive at time but always inevitably calmed down, and the big fights the Legendies often have with each other are always misunderstandings.

But that isn't always how it is in the Games, the Games can be pretty dark beneath the surface.  And I've come to notice lately a lot of Lovecraftian influence.

Because of his status as a Creator Deity, Arceus tends to get refereed to as the God, in a Monotheistic Judeo-Christian sense, of the Pokemon world.   And thus comparable to Eru Iluvatar.  But while he's a creator of sorts he's not outside space and time, he's still a Finite being rather then Infinite.  So at best more like a Platonic or Gnostic Demiurge.

In fact he is described as falling asleep right after creating the world.  Making him a lot like Lovecraft's Azathoth.  Who was in turn molded after Lord Dunsany's Mana-Yood-Shushai from The Gods of Pegena.

Meanwhile Giratina who was banished into the Distortion dimension outside our tangible universe, is a lot like Yog-Sothoth.  While Dialga and Palkia rule Time and Space.

While the Fourth Generation Legendary Pokemon may be the Outer Gods, the Third Generation ones seem like the Great Old Ones.  Groudon and Kyogre are primordial beasts of the Earth and Sea constantly at war with each other.  They have been dormant for eons and their awakening would likely destroy all life on the Planet.

Regardless of how destructive their awakening would be Team Magma is obsessed with awakening Groudon and Team Aqua is obsessed with awakening Kyogre.  They aren't Pokemon Mafia like Team Rocket or Pokemon P.E.T.A. like Team Plasma, they are cults very much like Lovecraftian cults.

Rayquazza however, who is supposed to live in the Ozone layer, possibly serves the role of Nodens, he alone is able to stop the conflict between Groudon and Kyogre.  However unlike Nodens he doesn't seem like Odin or Orome, he is a very primal force of nature himself.

One could also be suspicious of Deoxys, an Alien Virus from the depths of Space.  I've often felt inclined to compare Deoxys to Jenova of Final Fantasy VII.

So really a Nyarlathotep figure is all the Pokemon universe lacks.

And then if you decide to consider the Glitch Pokemon canon, all bets are off.

Hollywood and The Titans of Myth

In Hollywood movies based on Greek Mythology, the term Titan keeps being applied to entities that don't actually seem like the Titans at all.  But rather more primal monsters, even though they are refereed to as the parents of the Olympian gods who are shown as idealized Super Powered humans.

The basis seems to come from intentionally confusing them with the other offspring of Ouranos and Gaea.  The Cylcopses, the Hundredhanders, the Gigantes and Typhon.  They are very inhuman creatures, like the beings created by or corrupted by Morgoth in Tolkien's works.  But in the actual Mythology the Titans are defined as being not like those monsters, they were the successful offspring, and were entities very much like their Olympian children, entities that would in Tolkien more resemble the Valar.

This trend started at least as early as Disney's Hercules animated movie.  Where in addition to making Hades seem like the Devil, they also used the word Titans when what the climax was clearly actually based on was the legend of Herakles helping the Olympians fight off the Gigantes.  The Gigantarchy not the The Titanarchy.

Then there was The Immortals, a very garbled version of the Theseus legend.  Where the name Hyperion is given to a Human king who should have been Minos.  And the Titans just look like very big Orcs.

And in Wrath of The Titans, the only entity we see who shares a name with a Titan is Cronos.  But this Cronos is more like Typhon.  And in Clash of The Titans which that is a sequel to the remake, the justification for putting Titans in the name is the Kraken.  The Kraken isn't actually Greek at all but exploration era sea faring folklore derived from Norse legends.  The monster Perseus actually slays at Joppa is the Ketos/Cetus, who was not a Titan.

All this is perhaps done to try and give Greek Mytholgoy a more Lovecraftian vibe.  While some Greek mythical ideas likely influenced Lovecraft, in Greek myth the age before the known world was a Golden Age, not the primal demonic wasteland of Lovecraft and the Buffyverse.

A few times they've just been depicted a Giants (like that one Xena episode).  Likely influenced by Christians associating them with The Nephilim/Genesis 6, which itself is because the word Giant comes from Gigantes.  This trend probably helped inspire the anime Attack on Titan.

DC Comics however has depicted The Titans of Myth how they were (in-spite of getting plenty else about Greek Mythology wrong).  There were different story-lines for them between Pre-Crisis and Post-Crisis, but in both were depicted a plausible parents of The Olympians.

Wonder Woman is the initial basis for bringing Greek Mythology into the DC Universe, but The Titans of Myth are usually involved with the Teen Titans.  Their Pre-Crisis appearances are collected in New Teen Titans Archives Vol 2.  And for Post-Crisis appearances get New Teen Titans: Who Is Donna Troy and Teen Titan/Outsider: The Death and Return of Donna Troy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jurassic World was Amazing!!!

I rarely tear up in the theater.  I did for the 3D re release of The Phantom Menace, and I did at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.  And now I've done it for Jurassic world.  Best movie of this year by far, probably best I've seen since 2012.  It can't truly beat the first movie but as someone who is a huge Lost World fan I think this may have done better then it even.

Early on I was reminded how we should never underestimate a good score.  It brought the emotions of the first film back beautifully.  It appealed to Nostalgia for the original films but also did new things and introduced new ideas.  That's what the Star Wars prequels did right and what I am still hopefully optimistic The Force Awakens will do.

It like other sequels brought back things from the original book things the first movie didn't have time for. Like Wong's explaining how none of these dinosaurs are truly natural.

Seeing the Park fully operational was so much fun, then seeing it all descend into Chaos, it was handled very well.  It had everything superficial you want from a film like this but also intelligence, the InGen corporate politics, and the emotions, it was all masterfully done.  All the humans characters were interesting, likable or unlikable exactly how they were meant to be.

I was iffy when I heard about the hybrid thing at first but it does make sense and they handled it very well.

I highly recommend the film.

Now I want to discus the culmination so.


The Raptor stuff was a lot of fun.

I knew they were gonna let out the T-Rex, and I loved every minute of the build up for it.  It was so wonderful.  Then the fight happens and it looks awesome.

Then we see there is a Raptor left.  I thought I had accounted for all 4 being taken out, but I guess the rumors of Blue's demise were greatly exaggerated.

The Deus Ex-Machina of the original movie was the T-Rex saving them from the Raptors.  Now it's the T-Rex and a Raptor teaming up against at the man made hybrid.  It was awesome, I felt like a kid again.

And then I did not expect that water Dinosaur to pop up and finish it off.  It was just Perfect.  This director was a genius.  He should be entrusted with a Star Wars film.

The movie was way better then I expected.  I Love It.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The changing of Arda to a round world

After Arda became round at the destruction of Numenor and the removal of Valinor.  The New Lands appear on the other side of the world.

In the sense that Arda is roughly analogous to the real world, the New Lands are thought of a The Americas.

It is often speculated that the New Lands was previously The Land of The Sun, where the Sun rested during the night when Arda was flat.  I think that is valid but I want to add something.

When Valinor was removed I don't think the actual continent, Aman, was fully removed.  It's mystical unmarred quality was removed as well as the Aniur and Elves who lived there, and it's cities and buildings.  But I think the land itself remained.

I think when Arda became round the Land of the Sun in the East and Aman in the west came together to become the new lands.  With Aman roughly analogues to North America and the Land of The Sun roughly analogous to South America.

And The Dark Land would be Australia.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PLL tweets are back

No guarantee their back permanently.

Remember to start at the bottom.