Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jurassic World was Amazing!!!

I rarely tear up in the theater.  I did for the 3D re release of The Phantom Menace, and I did at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.  And now I've done it for Jurassic world.  Best movie of this year by far, probably best I've seen since 2012.  It can't truly beat the first movie but as someone who is a huge Lost World fan I think this may have done better then it even.

Early on I was reminded how we should never underestimate a good score.  It brought the emotions of the first film back beautifully.  It appealed to Nostalgia for the original films but also did new things and introduced new ideas.  That's what the Star Wars prequels did right and what I am still hopefully optimistic The Force Awakens will do.

It like other sequels brought back things from the original book things the first movie didn't have time for. Like Wong's explaining how none of these dinosaurs are truly natural.

Seeing the Park fully operational was so much fun, then seeing it all descend into Chaos, it was handled very well.  It had everything superficial you want from a film like this but also intelligence, the InGen corporate politics, and the emotions, it was all masterfully done.  All the humans characters were interesting, likable or unlikable exactly how they were meant to be.

I was iffy when I heard about the hybrid thing at first but it does make sense and they handled it very well.

I highly recommend the film.

Now I want to discus the culmination so.


The Raptor stuff was a lot of fun.

I knew they were gonna let out the T-Rex, and I loved every minute of the build up for it.  It was so wonderful.  Then the fight happens and it looks awesome.

Then we see there is a Raptor left.  I thought I had accounted for all 4 being taken out, but I guess the rumors of Blue's demise were greatly exaggerated.

The Deus Ex-Machina of the original movie was the T-Rex saving them from the Raptors.  Now it's the T-Rex and a Raptor teaming up against at the man made hybrid.  It was awesome, I felt like a kid again.

And then I did not expect that water Dinosaur to pop up and finish it off.  It was just Perfect.  This director was a genius.  He should be entrusted with a Star Wars film.

The movie was way better then I expected.  I Love It.

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