Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My PLL Season 6 theorizing begins

This Charles mystery is getting intriguing.

1. I am suspicious that Andrew was cleared so quickly, and they hardly explained everything that made him a suspect.  His explanation makes it sound like this started only once the girls were kidnapped.  It might be they are plotting to pull a Scream.

2, In episode 3 when "Charles" threatened Sarah, the message said "someone will die", which is odd terminology considering he was apparently threatening someone very specific.

Rosewood is often a place where everything seems right by each other, but Sarah got out of bed and both started and finished a shower before the girls finished rushing to Emily's house?

3. The Dress thing from the Christmas episode continues to make Charles being Trans an option.  Going that way could have a lot of troubling unfortunate implications.  But at the same time if someone like Cece were a trans woman it'd be a helpful representation in that people are used to thinking of Trans individuals as always turning out to be a very unappealing example of the Gender they identify with.

4. Spencer is Awesome

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