Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This Red Herring kinda sucks

For the first 5 seasons I didn't mind that PLL had such obvious blatant red herrings.  Partly because they've developed such a Meta style about it over the years.

I enjoyed wondering what the real answer would be.  Even in 5B while I was kind of annoyed the Liars thinking Ali was -A went on so long, I enjoyed the whole Mike situation.

But this thing with Leslie is just coming off cheap to me.  Red Herrings about who Charles is is what I was looking forward to.  The Charles mystery was/is the chief selling point of this half season, we already know his name is in the finale.  So the idea that they're going to spend the middle act of the season under the pretense that he's dead really feels like a waste of time.

I was fully expecting that Kenneth would claim or think Charles was dead.  But not that the Liars would buy it this easily.

Now I imagine, we will indeed find out Leslie knew Charles and will maybe provide the key to understanding how his death was faked and how he connects to the Bethany/Toby's mom plot elements.  That's gonna give this detour some justification, but it still feel unnecessary.

I enjoyed pretty much everything else about the latest episode.

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