Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Female Ghostbusters Reboot

When I first heard about an all female Ghostbusters movie I was excited, I thought it was a cool idea, in fact I'd thought before the current film entered production that new female Ghostbusters would be a good rout to do for Ghostbuster III.

Then I heard it was gonna be a Reboot, and my excitement died.

Now I've seen people on Feminists websites saying they don't believe the people who say the Reboot is reason they're unhappy, even though complaining about Reboots is the trendy thing in every Fandom now.

Well I'm not saying I hypothetically would have supported an all Female sequel, I'm saying I did, i wasn't just OK with it I was excited for it.

It seems sites like TheMarySue have blind loyalty to this film now, even though they should be thinking more critically about it.  The ploy worked.

It also upsets me that the Ethnic line up is the same, 3 White and 1 Black.  Why not make the film truly more diverse instead of just gender flipping everything, why not give us an Asian Ghostbuster and a Latino one, or an Arabian or Indian one?

The original Ghostbusters was awesome, but looking back Winston does come off as a token shoe horned in for the sake of making a diversity quota.  I hope at least this time the Black one is there from the start and not someone we don't meet till after the theme song montage.

They way to send a Feminist message is tell the story of young women proving they can do what the original men did.  That's how it's gonna be critiqued by fans (negatively or positively) anyway.  Rewriting the story so it's women from the start is just a cheap gimmick.  It could be a cool AU fan-fiction, but not an official Movie.

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