Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gotham, Firefly two parter reaction

I decided to wait till now and do both episodes together.

I'm still highly suspecting a Court of Owls plot.  But something about Galavan's history tying into a mysterious monastic order in Europe makes me think of Azrael.

Bridgette making her costume had me thinking of Selina making hers in Batman Returns.  That seems to be the movie this show reminds me of the most.

I think they're possibly going for a Javert type for Barnes.

Galavan is manipulating things like Palpatine.

I really don't like this approach to Nygma, I prefer The Riddler not to be a murderer.

Barbara and Galavan's "Sister" are a lot of fun.

Oh, and I also totally ship Selina and Bridgette.

If Season two remains consistent, it could succeed everywhere season 1 failed.

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