Saturday, November 14, 2015

I could care less about Suicide Squad being PG13 and not R

The recent announcement has once again riled up those who worship the R rating.

I personally have as I've matured/grown up, grown less fond of cursing and graphic sex and violence in media.  And I intentionally did not preface that with "gratuitous", even scenarios where it truly does fit the story I still feel it's better left off screen.  I firmly oppose government censorship, but I'm all for self-restraint.

For one thing it is a scientific fact that fiction forcing the audience to use their imagination can help make them smarter.  That's why reading is good for the brain.

I probably have more tolerance for cursing then the others, because sometimes some people are good at swearing in a way that is very funny.  That's the thing, it's only good to me when it's done for Humor, my life experience has lead me to firmly reject that it ever helps makes things more dramatic or intense, and certainly that it's inherently unrealistic not to swear in certain scenarios.  Because swearing is pretty rare in my real life experiences, so I find excessive swearing in fiction and music funny, but not believable.  I tend to find it funny even if it's not meant to be, like Jackman's F Bomb in The Wolverine.

The Dark Knight and Casino Royal are often the default examples for how Dark and Gritty a PG13 film can be.  But ya know what I consider just as unsettling if not more so then those, Revenge of The Sith.  Officially that film just barely crossed the line into not qualifying for PG, but I don't care, that all the dismembering is bloodless does not make it any less grimm, in fact scientifically it would be unrealistic if they were bleeding since we know the Lightsabers singe everything.

And then we can talk about all the old classic Film Noirs of the 40s and 50s, none of which are graphic.  And even the Pre-Code stuff people talk about would still not be R worthy to modern standards.  Or even what The Longest Day did with a G rating.

The Dark Knight Returns animated movies actually went further then the Comics thanks to the Joker's gun toting spree killing.  And still only got PG13.

The MPAA doesn't care how dark or disturbing the themes and tone are.  It just looks at purely arbitrary check lists, more then 1 F word gets an R even if it's otherwise indistinguishable from Frozen.  And they care more about Sex then Violence.  Getting an R rating purely for the violence, which is what Suicide Squad would have to do to qualify, would require an amount of graphic blood and gore that would only be distracting from the plot.

The original Halloween would besides it's one nude scene be absolutely a PG13 film today.  I know this because the When a Stranger Calls remake (which I love) actually does MORE then it in terms of swearing and violence and suspense and was PG13.

One person I've seen outright express he doesn't want children there with him as he's watching a movie about Psychopaths.  Well legally the kids can be there regardless if the Parents are with them.  I for one want parents to stop letting the MPAA make parenting decisions for them.  A parent should be free to take their kid to a porno theater if they choose to.

Harley Quinn was created for a Saturday Morning children's Cartoon show.  It was a well written show that cleverly included mature themes, but was still officially a kids show that was watched by kids, I know because I was one of them.  So Children have as much right to see her Big Screen debut as anyone else.  Pretentious older comic book fans do not own her.

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