Friday, November 13, 2015

Linkle has been anounced

I have a second Zelda post for Zelda month.
I think it's awesome.

The name seems awkward.  I actually grew more fond of it when I heard it pronounced,  it's apparently pronounced similarly to Linkel.  While I was at first thinking Link Lee or Lankl La.

I hope this is testing the waters for allowing a Female Playable character option in Zelda Wii-U.

Some people are complaining, as if Star Wars hasn't given me enough to be frustrated with people who all themselves "Purists".

The complaints about the fully 3D Zelda games have been that they don't have as much player choice in how to play the game (I don't care as much, but I understand why many do).  And we like that Zelda Wii-U seems like it's gonna finally not be like that.

Well Zelda is the only remaining video game franchise with a blank slate player character premise that doesn't allow you to at least choose their gender.  Pokemon it seems wanted to have it from the start but limitations prevented it till Crystal.

But people have forgotten that Link is supposed to be a Blank Slate character, he's become distinct in people's mind even while still never talking.

Link has certain defining traits, mainly Courage, none of them are traits that preclude him being a her.  Besides maybe that the presumed love interests are always female, but then that gets into Heteronormative assumptions.

The ZeldaUniverse forum has had some negative and positive comments.  I'll share some Positive ones, from a fellow usernamed Spagh.
Linkle has the badass look down without being over sexualised or at all masculinised, she's exactly what a female Link needs to be like. If she were anything else, I'd be pissed that Nintendo had done it wrong, but this is spot on. I'd like to see her in more games if the reception isn't too bad! An alternate gender option for Link in Zelda U, maybe an amiibo, maybe a Smash Bros DLC character, it'd be awesome!
 Man, even just looking at certain aspects of her design is awesome. The patterns on her kneepads look similar to some of the technological designs in SS which was cool, the fact that she has a watch of sorts playing on the motif of time is a nice nod, the necklace gem being the same colour as Timeshift Stones and the Ocarina of Time, they've just done so well with it.
I agree that her look is perfect.

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