Friday, November 27, 2015

Order of Dumas

I've been slacking on the TV reactions lately.  I've been enjoying the shows I watch just as much, but I haven't been feeling compelled to comment.

But also this week I was late in watching the latest Gotham.  I saw it today on demand.

Now I'd observed back when I discussed the Knightfall Audio Drama how the Monastic Order Azrael was affiliated with was named after French Author Alexandre Dumas.

As soon as we saw the Monk talk to Galavan I started to suspect the show was going there rather then the Court of Owls as we suspected originally (that could still be where the Wayne Enterprises corruption is headed).

So naturally I Geeked out at the name drop in the latest episode.

Naming the order after Dumas was very fitting, it was a French order in the original comics, and Dumas dealt with similar themes in some of his fiction, as did other French Writers of the period like Paul Feval.

Speaking of French Pulp fiction, not long till the next Tales of The Shadowmen with my next story in it is published, so happens to be a story derivative of Dumas and Feval and others.

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