Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Well, I just re-watched all 6 Star Wars films.

Over the last week.

I tried to gain some understanding for why so many people insist Episodes 4-6 are better then 1-3.  But I still just can't see it.  The sequels are just so much.... less to me.  So much more restrained and limited.  Nostalgia seems the only logical reason to me to prefer them.

Only Return of The Jedi can even slightly instill the same kind of emotions from me.  And most of that is from what wasn't in the film originally.

Still I can at least admit Nostalgia is a huge factor in my perception.  The Prequels meant a great deal to me growing up, the old SW films like the old Superman films were just an amusing relic of a past time.

But the fact remains to me Puppet Yoda is so stale and soulless compared to the beautifully detailed and life like Yoda of ATOTC and ROTS.

I remember seeing Yoda use his Lightsaber for the first time, it was such an Epic moment.  And Episode III had the most powerful ending, and with the best music Williams has ever composed.

I've teared up when watching the Prequels.  But with the OT, only the very end of ROTJ, when we revisit all the Prequel locations and see Anakin restored to how he originally was, is able to make me tear up.

Star Wars was always meant to be Fantasy not Science Fiction.  And a specific type of fantasy at that, it's modeled after old Saturday Morning Matinee Serials like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.

Star Wars was never meant to be something that holds up under nit picky scrutiny.  It's supposed to be absurd and formulaic and ridiculous.  Lucas combined it with his love of Joseph Cambell's Hero of a Thousand Faces which gives it an additional intellectual underpinning.  But that's all about Mythological archetyeps and motifs, drawing on myths that are also not meant to be realistic.

There being a tentacled Sea Monster in the Garbage disposal of a Battle Station makes no sense.  At the beginning of TESB all the drama around Han leaving to pay off his debt ignores a very obvious option, that he can come back after he pays it off.  Also Luke leaves Dagoba being told he still needs more training, but yet when he comes back his training is suddenly complete.  And how did the Empire beat them to Sky City when Boba had to follow them to even know that's where they were going?  And of course we all know both Death Stars had ridiculous design failures.

All those flaws are fine by me, because it's supposed to be an Operatic Melodrama.

But with the Prequels such logical failures are held against them by fanboys.  Because Nostalgia caused the OT to be put on a Pedastool they were never meant to be on.  I'm not saying that to denigrate them, I'm saying that because it creates a wrong perception of what they were seeking to be.  If you want to compare them to Batman movies they're Batman Returns and Batman Forever, not The Dark Knight.

With Episode II especially I keep hearing "that's like something from a Video Game" and thinking "how is that an insult"  I constantly play video games, and watch footage of games I don't have on Youtube and think "I wish more Action and Adventure movies would be like this, instead of always holding back out of a lame desire to be realistic".

And guess what in ROTJ when the Rebel fighters fly into the center of the Death Star to blow up it's core, I can't stop thinking o Star Fox.

And then on the reverse of that I hear "Taxation Disputes and Senate meetings are boring", and I couldn't disagree more.  That is the stuff that really intrigues me.  And yes it's hard to make sense of it because a Galactic geo-political system is not something we can yet relate to at all.

Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert had far better fleshed out systems, but frankly even theirs are likely wrong to how things would actually work.  Star Wars was never meant to hold up to the same scrutiny as those works.  But to suggest it's shouldn't delve into that at all if it wants to have lots of Action is a limitation I reject.

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