Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Five Years Forward reaction


I was enjoying it for awhile, I made this Tumblr post.

Then the spoiler happened

Spoilers Below!!!!!

Charlotte is "dead".  Even though I'm 99% certain she's not really, it doesn't matter right now.

I strongly defended how Game Over Charles was handled, I enjoyed it, I understand why a lot of Trans women and men and their allies were bothered by it.  But it made me sympathize with her in-spite of all she'd done.  While I've been a support of Trans rights since well before then, this was the first time a fictional depiction of a Trans character ever fully won me over. (I liked what I saw of Adam on Degrassi but he still felt like a prop for Fiona's story-line.)

What both I and fans who were far more offended then me but still wanted to give the show a shot were waiting for all this time was to see Charlotte get a chance at a normal life and earn the forgiveness of the Liars.  Instead we got this.

I've declared this my Favorite TV show of all time.  So I bugs me now to see it start to fall from grace.  I kinda wish the show had just ended with 6A.

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