Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Harvey has Two Faces

This episode was so much fun.  Old school PLL again.

Melissa was awesome in that flashback.

I'm just kinda bummed we only have a year and a half to develop this last arch.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sparia Frisbee Toss

"Nobody tosses a dwarf".

This season is getting pretty good in-spite of my early reservations.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mr Postman, PLL reaction

Should be obvious why I thought of that son during Tuesday's PLL.  Of course I"m also someone who always affiliate that song to Tauberpa's Legend of Zelda abridged serieses, which are hilarious, PH is the weakest but still had very funny first and last episodes.

I'm totally digging this new "not A" already.  Their gonna be hiding in plain sight with full on Arsene Lupin and The Shadow level master of disguise tactics.  I love it.

And the preview has advertised another Team Sparia name drop.  So I'm excited for the show again.

Monday, February 1, 2016

For people concerned Superman is being shortchanged

For everyone still concerned that Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is another example of Batman's hype overshadowing what should be Superman's sequel.  Allow me to say this.

As someone who is more of a Batman fan over all, who has been a Batman fan longer then any other piece of Nerddom I'm into.  Who currently considers the greatest movie of all time a Batman movie, who's favorite works of Western Animation that aren't mainly comedic tend to be Batman stuff, who thinks the only really good video games that are adaptations from other source materiel are Batman games, and who's Graphic Novel collection is mostly Batman stories and crossover stories where Batman characters are prominent in some fashion.  As someone who's top ten list of my favorite Comic Book characters includes female Batman characters that still haven't gotten into any adaptations.  As someone who's blogged about Gotham more then many shows I like more simply because the Batman references give me so much to talk about.

As someone who is all of that, in the context of the conflict being set up for this movie I'm firmly on Superman's side.

Batman's view point makes sense given some incarnations of the character, including ones I've liked.  But at the end of the day the audience knows Superman isn't an enemy and Bruce is falling into believing exactly what Lex wants people to believe.

Now you may think, in the context of the DC Universe Clark's objection to Batman is equally wrong.  Well that just reminds me of the paradox between the fiction I like and my real life values.  In real life I'm absolutely again vigilantism.  When enjoying Batman stories I can accept that Gotham needs The Batman.  But that's not sufficient to effect how I'd evaluate a Superman v Batman argument.

So rest assured that while this movie will give us Batman fans plenty to enjoy, it is Superman's story first and foremost.