Sunday, March 20, 2016

Batman Bad Blood animated movie

I watched the Batman Bad Blood direct to DVD animated movie this last week.

Of this Damien Wayne series I liked this one the best by far.  It still bums me out that this depiction of the Bat Family is ignoring Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake.  But in this I'm glad we're finally getting a Bat Family that is more then just Batman and Robins.

I have not followed the era of the comics being depicted here.  I get a general vibe that this one is following the comics less closely then the previous two, and I guess it says something about the post Infinite Crisis comics that that seems to have been for the better.

What I liked most is Kate Kane.  I can't really judge how faithful this was to the comics, but I do know of her enough to expect certain things.  And I can say that this was a good introduction for the character to non comic readers.

She is a Lesbian in this, and they handled it well, they treated her love life like they would if she was straight.  Montoya was pretty good in her brief appearance.

I am starting to notice that this is the most in-depth Batman canon to not yet feature The Joker.  Is the planned Killing Joke movie going to be in the same continuity?

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