Monday, March 28, 2016

More on DC based Audio Dramas, The Superman we needed

I did a post on DC based Audio Dramas before, this is a follow up.

The other Batman project from the same people was The Lazarus Syndrome, which was good but nothing special.

For Superman, the first project was actually the Trial of Superman which I didn't like.

But The Adventures of Superman, was an adaptation of all but 1 issue of Byrne's Man of Steel miniseries (everything but the Batman/Magpie story) and the first two issues of Byrne's monthly Superman run.

It is awesome, it has all the same actors as the Death and Return adaptation for characters that are in both.  I have my issues with Man of Steel's dystopic depiction of Krypton, but this adaptation was awesome.

It told Superman's origin well, and established a CEO Lex Luthor, and had Superman battle two super powered enemies.  And clocked in at just about exactly a 2 hour run-time.

Basically, that is the Superman Reboot movie I wanted in 2006, if we'd gotten that a year after Begins then a modern Superman could have gone side by side with a modern Batman.  And Maybe just maybe there could have been a counterbalance to Nolan's clout opposing doing a shared universe.  The Dark Knight would have been the same but Rises may have gone differently.  And after solo trilogies we could have gotten the World's Finest film I wanted.

Instead we got nothing, there was no Superman film to go alongside the Batman revival.

And the thing is this Audio Drama is a half hour shorter then a certain unnamed 2006 movie, and yet more happened in it.

By the time we did get a Superman reboot the comics had changed, his origin had been revamped a few more times, none for the better in my opinion.  The time had passed for the Superman I love to get a film treatment.  I like the Man of Steel movie, but it's not the ideal.

Instead of getting the Superman we needed, we got the Superman we deserved.

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