Thursday, April 14, 2016

I've finally seen The Force Awakens a second time

It's still an enjoyable movie, I wasn't as awed by it as I was in theaters, and I think it'll take time for re-watching it to bring the same kind of nostalgic joy as the other movies do.

Many parts of it seemed to move faster then I remembered, in a way that I would not consider a good thing.  We'll see if that still plays out that way in future viewings.

In my last Star Wars post I talked about how one of my favorite moments in Episode II was when Obi-Wan says "She seems to be on top of things" in the arena.  And with that scene at the top of my mind I noticed another Prequel Echo in The Force Awakens.  On Starkiller base when Finn is trying to explain his plan to find Rey and Han is just looking past him at Rey already on the loose, it took me right back to that moment, clearly Abrams appreciated it also.

I may wait to re-watch it again till Rouge One is about to come out.

On the subject of Rouge One, I loved the trailer, I'm excited to see Mon Montha will be in it and played by the same actress from the ROTS deleted scenes.  I shouldn't get my hopes on this but I'd like for there to be a Padme namedrop, maybe during a conversation between Mothma and Organa about Leia being entrusted with transporting the plans.

One thing that does bug me about The Force Awakens is never hearing the name Anakin, we heard Vader and we heard how the Lightsaber belonged to Luke's father before him, not no Anakin.

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