Monday, April 25, 2016

Mimete's five minutes of fame

Well the best of the Witches only got slightly more time to shine then Eudial.

Did everyone watching on Hulu get the same ads?  If so I feel like saying the Guillotine isn't medieval, it was invented during the French Revolution.

Quick, to the Mirichu Copter.

Making a Family Guy reference that was itself a Batman reference, I'm ultra Nerdy.  Yet I know Mirichus not Haruka owns the Helicopter only because I read it on SailorMoonWiki.

Next week the pretending Haruka is a man should end.

Animation style alone will make this far superior to the first 2 seasons.  But what I observed during season one about suffering from not having more time to develop the story remains the same I fear.

Hotaru is there from the start this time, but with only 13 episodes that doesn't really give her more time then she had in Sailor Moon S, and now they're establishing HaruMi at the same time.

But it supposedly worked in the Manga, I've only read the Sailor V Manga but that had more then 13 and didn't really have a story-line, it was purely stand alone episodic till they decided to end it.

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  1. Apart from the fights against the generals still being treated as "squash matches" I have been enjoying this arc quite a bit. Compared to the lull that was the second arc this has been a major improvement.

    Looking forward to what Uranus and Neptune will have to say next week now that they revealed their identities.