Monday, May 23, 2016

Haruka's Sword grew larger because of Usagi

Someone un-followed me on Twitter this week because they found my Sailor Moon Tumblr reblogs to be"Childish", I suppose this title won't help that.

Sailor Moon finally evolved into Super Sailor Moon.

Then we got our first taste of Mistress 9.

Then we got the whole Sailor Saturn backstory and exposition.  And I have a reference I'm holding off on.

And then we got full on Mistress 9.

This Episode was awesome.

So for two weeks now these Crystal reactions have been all I've done on this blog.  I'm gonna try to make up for that soon, this may not be the only post I make today.

And you can expect before the week is over my thoughts on Season 2 of the Flash, which I don't expect to be too articulate.

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  1. Poor dears, the Outer Guardians, Chibi-Usa and Hotaru. I do hope all will end well for them.

    Sailor Saturn is an adorable God of Destruction.