Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jurassic World still holds up on repeat viewing

I watched it again yesterday and I still love it.

The ruins of the original park are a nostalgic highlight, but they also serve a poetic purpose.  That scene makes me think of "My name is Ozymandias King of Kings, look on my works ye mighty and despair".  And it foreshadows how the new park is in the process of suffering the same fate.

A lot of people have been really hard on the film for being Sexist.  I get the whole woman not wanting kids being told she does thing is problematic, but the fact remains the first film did the same story-line with a male lead, they're actually evening out the gender treatment here.

The female lead of this movie is brave and smart, she's the one who gets the idea to release the T-Rex.

A lot of other things come down to expected gender roles, I kinda wish the "guy who has the common sense all the more powerful people around him don't" trope that Chris Pratt plays out could be a woman character for a change.

But the fact that it's being held against this film more so then prior JP films or the MCU films I think is really unfair.

One thing some people complain about is the protagonists not being archaeologists this time.  I think that's it's strength, the right way to do this movie differently, as in this setting these creatures being alive again isn't quite so new anymore.

In this movie the substance is new while the Nostalgia is Superficial, that's how it should be.  In The Force Awaken, which I did love but hasn't yet proven as re-watchable, the differences are superficial while the substance is telling the same story.  Again Star Wars should be repetitive, but the Prequels I feel got the balance better.

This movie is still ultimately inferior to the original, and probably even to The Lost World Jurassic Park.  But I have a hunch it will in the long run hold up better then a lot of other current films critics are being less dismissive of.

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