Friday, August 5, 2016

Suicide Squad was awesome

It was a fun, emotional and fast paced entertaining film.  Far more fun then Batman V Superman but not as artsy, which is what I prefer.

Will Smith was great, and Amanda Waller was perfect.  But Harley Quinn was the best.

Some might complain about the story structure early on, but I don't care, the film fits together better then The Godfather Part II did.

I've seen people talk about how The Joker only has 10 minutes of screen time.  As I've said before The Joker is a less is more character, since Leto's Joker is going to be in far more movies then any previous Live Action Joker, it's good with start with only a taste.  Batman also cna be a less is more character and that's why I loved his scenes in this movie.

The negative reviews for this should be ignored, the criticisms are the opposite of what Batman V Superman's were.  This is a movie that pretentious critics won't understand but Comic Book fans will.

This to me far more so then any MCU film feels like we're seeing a Comic Book universe brought to life.

See this movie, I highly recommend it, don't like the negative nellys be vindicated.

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